Friday, August 10, 2012

Mountains and Valleys


I spent the night with Bela last night. It was a very rough night for both of us. I am tired and will make a long story short. She was having a very hard time breathing so the nurse put her on oxygen and called the doctor who ordered a chest x-ray.  Her x-ray showed some fluid in her lungs so they gave her two doses of a medicine called Lasix which helped to flush out her insides of all the extra fluid.  She peed a lot so we had to stay up and make sure we changed her right away.  She was very uncomfortable and HATES the oxygen tube. She keeps pulling on it, so she is having a lot of trouble resting. It's like she drank a cup of coffee but the effect of the caffeine never wears off. She's very restless.

Early this morning, around 3, she had another platelet transfusion but I didn't find out yet what her levels were today.  She had a better day with my aunt Glenda, aunt Romy, and sister Glenda.  They took turns all day while I came home to rest and take care of some bills,etc.


The doctor and my aunt Romy both said they think her abdomen feels a little bit softer. I've learned that the hemotologist is very careful not to show much emotion either way, he's just very matter of fact. We really like him and he does know how to joke around, but as far as giving information, he has the same facial expression whether he's telling us she has cancer or telling us that the latest test results show no cancer cells. He could be saying "This is bad news" or "this is good news": same tone of voice and body language.

But today I could tell that he was very happy with some good news:  The results from her bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday show no leukemia cells. This is great but it doens't mean she's cancer free nor does it mean they will stop treatment. It basically means they couldn't see any on the particular slide they looked at. I am not minimizing this amazing news at all. We are very excited. but the doctors want to continue with the full course of treatment. Sometimes there may be one lone cancer cell left that will multiply if not taken care of, so they want to be sure they take all the necessary steps to eradicate every last cell.  Thanks for you prayers!
The other piece of very good news is that from the bone marrow they were also testing for a certain factor which as of now I can't remember the name of nor know how to explain it, but basically she does not have this certain factor in her blood which puts her in the "LOW RISK" category, which means she most likely won't have to have a bone marrow transplant in the future.

Cant' wait for the day when she's not hooked to anything!

Wondering what she'll order for lunch

With her great Aunt Romaine
So today as every day we praise God! and please keep praying!!! Thank you!!!


  1. Praying over her daily and am very happy to hear good news! We will keep on praying. I wish I could hold her Laura. It is hard being so far away. There is no distance in the Spirit though, and daily I am rebuking that foul cancer in Jesus' Mighty Name!!! I speak scriptures over her out loud, like "God, I thank you that Bela will live and not die and tell of the works of the Lord!" Ps. 118:17 "God I thank you that by Jesus' stripes Bela is healed!" 1 Peter 2:24. "Lord, I PRAISE AND THANK YOU that YOU took Bela's infirmities and bore her sicknesses!" and other scriptures. I thank him for his blood and that Bela's blood will be PERFECT. If he can bring literally millions of people out of bondage and "there was not ONE feeble among them" then He will not forget a precious, innocent baby.

    The cross, the cross the cross. Jesus said "It is finished!"

    I sign on every night to get your updates. I know you are at the hospital a lot and it is hard to get time to talk on the phone. I share the updates with the family and we pray for her.

    Love and continued prayers~All of us!

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