Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My first shower ever!

I was so excited! The girls got into teams and had to make a wedding dress out of one roll of toilet paper, and then I chose my favorite..the one on the right. As I´m opening presents you can see i´m so happy. MUSTARD! YOU SHOULDN´T HAVE! Here it´s tradition to give ¨silly gifts¨before getting the ¨real gifts¨, which will be next Tuesday at the shower given by my friends and colleagues at school. But at this shower I got things like a box of matches and one stick of margarine. Thanks girls! Then they dressed me up in a wedding dress made of plastic shopping bags. Randomly put it turned out to fit perfectly the Goodwill bag. It was a lot of fun. And my friend Dani who I live with too made the delicious cake. God is good!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thanksgiving...a little late

These are some pictures from our Thanksgiving Day celebration that went really well. Some classes performed some songs/skits,etc and the children that came as our guests also performed some acts. We had good food and a lot of fun. Enjoy the photos!

crazy honduran roadways

Last Sunday Beto and I were given a ride by some friends who were also in Tegucigalpa. Our driver/friend is a crazy driver, like most people who live here, and was passing everyone. After passing one vehicle and swerving back on the right side between two cars, the car he just passsed passed us again, rolled down their windows, and pointed their machine guns at us. Turns out the car was transporting the supreme court justice of the nation and you don't cut her off! Luckily I was asleep through all this. But it reminds me of driving in LA. Ironically, when we stopped for breakfast, so did she and out got her driver and the 3 camouflaged dressed national policemen, heavily armed and not afraid to show it. They sat at the table next to us as it was a small place and there wasn't anyone else there. I don't remember any cheery holiday greetings passed between us.
Merry Christmas everybody!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Glory to God!

Hey everybody! For those who knew, we, Beto and I, went to Tegucigalpa, the capital, last Thursday because Beto had his VISA appointment at the U.S. Embassy early Friday morning. We were both so nervous, but I think me more than beto. We stayed with Awesome Amber, who drove us around everywhere and is such a great friend! beto had already met with a lawyer, whom God provided (he's a cousin of a friend) to help him get his residency here in Honduras which would help with the VISA. We drove around for about 30 minutes trying to find him and finally got the needed document. We arrived just in time and then proceeded to wait in line for about 4 hours. It was all very orderly and organized. At first Beto was denied, but God opened many doors and we were allowed to go back in that same hour after his appointment and I was allowed to explain our situation to the same man who interviewed him the first time. After listening he changed his mind and granted Beto a temporary VISA! We are both so very excited. It really is a miracle of God. All along we had prayed more for the person who'd be giving the interview, that he/she would understand our story, listen to our situation, and have a heart of compassion, and that's exactly what happened!
Thank you to all who prayed. We fly in to LA Dec. 20 and will be married the 29th. We get to stay 3 weeks, my Christmas break. Praise the Lord!

Merry Christmas!