Tuesday, November 23, 2010


"Won't someone please read to me?"

Enjoying his morning paper.

Beto and I talked for a long time with Lilian today, Jorge, Miguel, and Fatima's older sister with whom they live. she came to the school with us to enroll the three for next school year which starts in Feb. We are very blessed to have friends who work at the school. We don't have to pay anything to enroll, which I think is true for everyone, but we don't have to pay for their English classes or another class that I can't remember right now.

Enrolling them didn't take long. The office just took down their ID numbers and names. After wards we took Lilian out to breakfast here. It was a very good time. Please pray for this family that is experiencing more difficulties lately.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Church landscaping by Beto Monterroso

Here are a LOT of pictures of the church grounds that Beto's been working on for a few months. with some men from the rehab center. It's taken a lot of work but it looks really beautiful!

Dinner and Games with Discipleship Group

Santi finally gets to touch the drums!

Bible study first...

Santi was a little alarmed at ...

...what the boys were doing.

Eating potluck style...these girls loooooove Santi!


Yesterday Beto preached a wonderful sermon and afterwards we went with most of the youth to a brother's house that is very pretty and set on a lot of land overlooking the valley. We had a lot of fun playing and relaxing. there was even the largest tee-ter-totter i've ever seen!

His first hammock ride.

He loves motos so much he had to pet this one.

Three great brothers and friends.

I forgot to take pictures of Beto preaching but I got one of him praying the closing prayer.

One graduate recieving his diploma for finishing his time in rehab. His family arrived to support him, the first time I've seen that.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another exciting parent meeting!

Schooooool is out for the sum...winter! That's right, the school year is OVER here in Honduras and you can feel the excitement of te kids wherever you go. Many I've seen walking in town have their t-shirts covered with their friends' "autographs" written with markers.
"Our" kids, Jorge, Miguel, and Fatima are also finished until February. they did well and Jorge and Miguel will enter their age level in Feb. Fatima will stay in special ed. We attended a parent meeting today that was really good. We recieved the three kids' report cards and were told that they can go on Saturday's from 10-12pm until Dec.11. On that day(I think) they will have a grand christmas party sponsored mostly by another Christian brother/USA missionary who works closely with this project of special/deaf children. We are really bummed we won't be able to attend but told the teachers we'd like to help with "supplies" (aka candy for the pinata). The two ladies are mom/daughter who go to our church and direct/administrate this project, as well as teach daily. And they are some of our closest and funnest friends here in La Esperanza. During the meeting they appointed different parents to the "board" of the Parents of Special Ed children and Beto was named President, quickly and unanimously!!! I am so proud! For lunch we went for chinese food with Darlene(daughter on right), her two brothers, and another teacher. mmm...Afterwards we were hanging out and santi sat down on this green bench, patted the place next to him with his hand, and told me "Mum!"(come). And he likes to hold my hand.

Practicing his surfing moves for LB.

Tired of taking pictures.