Monday, August 31, 2009


Last thursday we came to our second home...Laguna Beach. Well, we only come once a year but we've been coming for the past 17 years or so, which makes me feel really old. I can't believe it. Time goes by so fast. I remember th fist time we came mary wasn't married, i was in high school, and Shelby and Lindsey were just around 2 yearsold. Ok, so then I guess it hasn't been 17 years. But anyways, the point is that we got to come this weekend when usually we come memorial day weekend, but this year Charles and we weren't here so mom made us an extra trip. It was glenda's family and us and it was a lot of fun. Santi loooooves the pool and the beach. he's truly a calm beach baby!
Mom invited beto and i to see the Pageant of the Masters. Every summer laguna beach hosts the sawdust festival and the art festival. we didn't make it to the sawdust festival but the pageant was amazing. i can't explain everything in detail and even if i could it wouldn't even come close to actually seeing it in person, but it's a presentation of classic paintings but with live people. but the makeup and costums are so amazing the real people stay real still and you think you're looking at an acutal painting. I highly recommend it for anyone for next year. It may not sound like"your thing" but it's very impressive nonetheless.

yesterday we drove up to go to church in long beach where beto and i gave our first presentation to raise funds for our honduran mission. it went pretty well but it was good to "practice" on our church first becuase we saw a lot of areas that need improvement and what to say/not to say. overall we were happy we got to talk about what we'd like to accomplish once we get back to honduras.

aunt romaine came back with us yesterday and we went out to dinner, swam in the pool and just relaxed. now we're headed home where we'll need to rest up from our vacation.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beach and Uncle Orval

Grandma and Santi always laughing

Us with my great uncle Orval. He's great to spend time with! santi loves to play with his hair.

Aunt Romy with Uncle Orval

Mom and Uncle Orval

Santi "eating" Chinese food with his bib from Uncle Charles that reads "Probably the best baby in the world."

So relaxed at the beach

Uncle Charles


Gabe and Marcus ready to go on the boat!


Santi looooooooooves his Uncle Charles!

The beach is the bay in Naples area of Long Beach. We went with the Sosa family from church and Laura Heida. It was really fun, a perfect day.
We visit my uncle orval often. Today we went in the morning and sat out on the patio. Aunt romy always makes sure he gets a sinful treat from us. Today it was four donut holes, which, she reminds us, don't count becuase they're just holes! Uncle Orval is my late Grandma Ethel Walker's brother.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adventures in LA

I wish I had pictures...wait, just picture the one square mile in downtown LA of Los Angeles Street between Temple and oh nevermind... here's what happened.
We went to the federal building to get some paperwork straightened away. That took us about five minutes, a lot shorter than we expected. so since we were parked by the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) we decided to make the trip worth it. Well, the campus that was right next to where we parked was closed till Nov. but another campus was a mile away. So we decided to drive there. When we got back in the car for some reason we changed our minds all of a sudden to go to the La Brea Tar Pits. So we get out the Tomas Guide and start looking for the freeway on ramp. Now any of you who have driven downtown know that there are...let me count...6 freeways? that converge at around the same time down there? So we first have to try to figure out which freeway we need. As we come upon the signs we dont know which way to go so we go back to Main street. Then I think we should go right (west) but we went left instead. We ended up going through chinatown, past Overa street, through Little Tokyo, and Filipinotown. I can't remember all the details now but we drove in circles for what i think was 45 mintues, took city streets most the way, went back to find the freeway again, finally got on and finally made it to the Tar Pits, but b y that time i was tired and ready to go home.
We had a great time at the Tar Pits and the Page Museum. We all liked it and afterwards treated ourselves to Marie Callendar's, which by the way is super nice there in Hancock Park. And at the Page Musuem you can learn not only a lot about fossils but about LA History and Mr. Hancock himself. Fascinating man.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

CHarles comes home!

My Brother in Law came home from Iraq after a year there. Here are some pictures. Santiago is so loved!
See where we're wearing blankets inside in July? The airconditioning was cooooold!
For those of you on Facebook you've maybe seen some other pictures. I'm trying to keep both equally current but it's hard.

San Francisco, Etc.

A couple weeks ago we drove up the 5 to San Francisco area and stayed with a friend who's a missionary teacher in La Esperanza but was staying with her parents on her summer break. We spent a day in the city, and another day seeing the redwoods at Muir Woods and Wine Country in Sonoma. On our way back we drove down the 1 and stopped all along the way to admire the most beautiful scenery ever. We had lunch in Santa Cruz and spent the night in Salinas. On the way down the 101 the next day we stopped in Solvang for lunch, toured Pepperdine with Beto and then headed home.
While in San Francisco we ate dinner in Chinatown, took a tour on a double decker bus, ate lunch at Fisherman's Warf, saw the sea lions at Pier 39, basically did all the touristy stuff...which was fun for all of us.
Stephanie our friend from HOnduras also had another friend visiting, John, so we had a lot of fun with him too.
Santiago is a great traveler!