Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Thoughts

Well, since my last negative blog, much good has happened and I wish my fingers could type as fast as my brain! I have been thinking of what I want to say for many days now and now that I'm at the computer, the caffeine has kicked in and I can't organize my thoughts(I know the pregnant lady shouldn't have caffeine, but with coffee with the name of Sinless Pastry being served, How could I resist one little cup?)

We were blessed, as I mentioned, by our friends with a new location in the center of town and last week went very well. We still havn't gone out and gotten crazy, like buying cereal and ice cream(although i crave it, so if anyone has access to come dry ice, i can give you our new mailing address where it won't get stolen!), but we are breathing a little easier now and have started to put a little money aside for the future. And it's funnny, the more we save, it seems like the more we have to spend on food! Funny how that happens.

God has taught me a LOT this past week. I remember praying a few times within the last few years...similar to Apostle Paul...Lord, give us just enough for everyday. I don't want to be so rich that we forget you or so poor that we steal."

Let me tell you, DO NOT pray that prayer unless you are prepared to have it really happen! I am a Costco girl...I like to make one trip a month (save time and gas) and stock up for the long haul. Not here. We make daily trips to the store and with just enough money to buy that night's dinner. I hate that! But we always have just what we need! And even when we don't, God uses people to bring us food, not even knowing our needs, or to give us money and telling me to spend it on grapes, which i did. mmmmmm...And even though I pray for certain things to happen and for God to provide for us, when He does, I am surprised, like the church people in the Bible who were praying for (was it Peter?) their friends release from prison and when he actually showed up and knocked on the door, they didn't believe it!

Some days, I am really discouraged and stressed, wondering what we are going to eat for dinner, but so much in just the last week I have seen how God always comes through. And you know, I wouldn't trade this chapter in our lives for anything, becuase we are learning so many lessons we may not learn any other way.

I know there are many difficult situations through which we learn, and many of you have experienced much worse than this or than I may ever experience. But for today I am just sharing ours with you.

I have learned not to complain, becuase for now I would really like to be in the States, eating Lucky Charms, Breyer's Ice Cream, and watching TV. But then I know that after a few months in the states I would be complaining about the fast paced life and the TV would get boring and I would be fat from the Lucky Charms and Ice Cream. And so I think, I need to get it right right now...Be content in whatever circumstance, at all times. Because complaining doesn't bring blessing, it only brings strife! And we have so much to be thankful for!

thanks to those who are praying. We can feel your prayers and God is changing us daily for the better and are content.