Thursday, May 28, 2009

just pictures

last week we went to visit the school where i worked in august. my friend is the kinder teacher and her kids wanted to see the baby. it was a lot of fun, especially to see the four year old boys tickling santi's chin and saying, "koochi koochi koo."
last sunday was our last sunday in la esperanza for awhile and we had santiago dedicated and prayed for. it was very special and also our "good-bye" to the church until we return, Lord willing.

don't you love the picture of the moto? that's how we roll.

the last picture is of the church's logo that beto painted on the side of the classroom building. it reads Evangelical Holiness Church of Honduras

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

more santi pics

here is beto talking with santiago, with aunt rhonda again, and in his new shoes daddy bought him in teguc. he had an outfit to match but he stained it with a huge BM...too bad

Monday, May 18, 2009


besides tapeworm, santiagos nickname is santi.

here he is at aunt rhondas house and with her. she is the nurse that helped me in my delivery. we are doing wel but i have to write later bc santi is crying

Saturday, May 16, 2009

daddy and santi

they already like watching tv together. dangerous! so happy together

santiago turned 2 mo. on may 13th and is 2 pounds overweight, just on milk! he is very healthy and already shows signs of being a flirt. yikes! the dr. says he is advanced for his age because he smiles, and can support his own head, can roll over and can"talk!". but we arent bragging or anything of course

video of santiago smiling and "talking"

Here is a taste of what we enjoy on a daily basis. I thank God that so far Santiago is a very chilled out and laid back baby. He is a very happy baby but probably because we are such great parents! The latest here is that we have to move out of the apt. at church by June 1st becuase groups are coming. Nobody thought we would be living there as long as we have, but it is God{s perfect timing, of course, becuase we are going to guatemala and will be able to stay longer than planned. We made another appointment at the embassy to get Santi{s passport june 23rd. hopefully by that time we will have the last paperwork we need. The government office still hasnt found their very important books but i called the embasy and explained the situation. After the woman on the phone stopped laughing about the books being lost, she said that if "honduras" isnt able to give us the paper we need in time for the appt, they can make us up a letter saying they couldnt make us the certificate we need and we can take that letter to the embassy. so we at least feel now that there is a solution one way or another, thank God. we are plannng on going to guate at the end of may until about june 17 so we can get back to tegu a few days before the appt. and get the paperwork we need.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

beto hopefully comes back from teguc today. i havnt been able to reach him since he didnt take the phone charger with him.
we are pretty frustrated with the situation. like i mentioned, beto met the woman in charge and she said they were going to diligently look for the books needed to make out this last paperwork we need to get santiago{s passport. well, yesterday beto had me call also. he told me that they told him that they found the books and had made out the paper, that they were just waiting for the boss to come into the office and sign it. so i called and asked to talk to the boss thinking she wouldn{t be in, but she answered the phone. so i asked if she signed the paper yet and if it was ready to pick up. she says, no, we still havnt found the books. we are still looking for them. they may be in another office. i was thinkin, but you told my husband a completely different story, but i wasnt in the mood to get into it with her...yet.

so i called beto back and told him and he of course was really upset of course and decided he would come back to la esperanza without the paper and call them from here and when it{s ready, when could be anywhere from a day to six months, he{ll go back to tegu and pick it up.

so i made another appt. at the us embassy in teguc for june 23d, hopefully we will have all the paperwork by then, and then it takes 2 weeks to process.however, if we can get on a plane and they let us board without santiago{s us passport in teguc. to LA we can get his passport in the states. once he steps foot in the us he{s a citizen because he{s mine. ive been talking to my cousin who works in immmigration. my goal, my hope, is to be home by july 4. you{d think it wouldnt be so hard. it shouldnt be so hard. but we will appreciate being home all the more once we finally make it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

tegucigalpa and what happened there

beto was asked to preach at amber´s church when the pastor called at the last minute to say he couldn´t come bc his mom was sick.

one day he went with another missionary,will, and amber´s boys on a hike will works with his wife rachel along side amber. they went up to a rain forest above tegu and hiked all day. they had a wonderful time.

at church it was great to see old friends, one who had a baby in nov and i saw him for the 1st time.

well we still havnt gotten the american passpòrt for santi. in tegu the registrar told us we had to get the ¨literal¨birth cert in la esperanza, even tho we were told that everything is nationalized now, but la esperanza,no. remember we live a 4 hour bus ride from tegu. so we come back home and they say, oh, the books we need with the codes and all to print it just got sent to tegu! and they wont be back for 3 to 6 months. so beto went back to tegu. at the office there God put in bveto´s path the boss lady who is a christian. she listened to our story and demanded they find the books right away. she did tell him to come back mon., today, and so if yopu can pray with us that he will get the paper today.

we are happy at least that beto has his visa. it´s only a mater of time to get the passport. thanks for ur prayers.

thanks to rhonda who´s lwetting me stay at her house these days that beto´s in tegu. i used to live ALONE in WATTS, NO PROBLEM, now i can´t even stay one night alone in a quiet country town where the only threat are mosquitos, june bugs, and the occasional cow.

Saturday, May 02, 2009


Thanks everyone for your support, prayers, and encouraging comments.
After finding out we'd have to wait more than another month, perhaps, until arriving in the States, i was feeling pretty depressed. i'm sure once i get to LA i'll start missing honduras a lot,but i was feeling frustrated because we are here just to wait for santiago's passport. i don't have a job or anything really to do, except take care of the baby, which is a full time job. Beto has some projects he can finish up and the extra time will be good for him. But we were PLANNING on leaving around may 12th so when we realized that probably wasn't going to happen i was really disappointed.

Then I starting wondering what God is keeping us here for...what is He doing? What awaits us here as we...wait? And i started to feel better and asking God what He wants me,us, to do in the remaining time we're here. Instead of just wallowing around feeling sorry for myself, i should put myself into action, asking God to open my eyes to the opportunities He gives me to bless others and how to do that. To use my time wisely becuase it will go by fast and a month really isn't that long of a time. We were really only disappointedbecasue we were ina hurry to get home for "Laguna" at the end of May, but now that we've pretty much ruled out that possibility, we are a little more relaxed, althoughI'm still sad we won't be there.

So we are happy where we are now while excited about leaving perhaps sometime in June.

I am reminded of the scripture about not bragging about tomorrow, saying, "Tomorrow we will go here or to that place" because you don'tknow what God has planned. and also matthew six says not to worry about tomorrow becuase it will have its own problems. each day has enough trouble of its own. AMEN to that!

we appreciate your prayers and will keep you updated.