Sunday, January 27, 2008

New address, same ol blog

Hey everybody,
Thanks for still reading.
The lady I wrote about in the last entry. Last time Beto went over to pray she was sitting up in her bed eating.
This past week has been really busy for us, and beto hasn´t even started the school year yet! Where he teaches Bible at the high school starts in Feb. and ends in Nov.
Beto has started to sell strawberries for a farmer friend here and is starting to grow his clientel. I´ve also been contracted to make bread for a business in town so we´re making a little extra money which all goes to my school loans. yeah!

Last WEd. was the last day of the 2nd period in my school, so thursday we just had a half day of activities and went home at 12 and Friday we didn´t have class, but most of the time i was grading notebooks, entering grades and putting them on report cards. I´m still not done since I left some notebooks at the school on accident. I have one child failing all my classes and those of the other teachers, and some other students failing one class, which means more work for me...I have to write a letter to the parents, make a study guide, make a test, give two days of tutoring after school and then give the test one day after school. Please pray for the one girl especially who´s failing all her classes. I see she has no home support, her mom is illiterate in spanish and her dad is gone a lot as a truck driver. It will take a miracle really for her to pass this year.

Today we´re having the new missionaries over for dinner. They have been here since 1990 really but were in the states for 2 years on furlough and getting their counseling degrees. the other missionaries that were here meatntime have moved to another part of honduras. When one of my apartment-complex-mates met the new ones she said, ¨Le´t´s invite them over for dinner. I´d like to get to know them!¨ We were very happy about that becuase she is not a Christian and pretty passionate about what she does believe. So tonight it´s potluck. please pray for our conversation and that through this new relationship she and the others in our complex will come to know Jesus this year before they go back to the states.

Finally, please pray for me in my job decision. In about a week my school will need an answer from me about whether i´m staying next school year or not. I am definately staying but an opportunity has opened up for me to teach only Bible classes at the same school next year. That is what I came to do initially and would really like to do that. pLease pray it works out and the school is open to letting me do that. Having taught English and seeing that English teachers are most difficult to get for first grade, they may not want to let me go.

Gracias y bendiciones!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Lately I´ve been learning from God about the importance and power of prayer.
Where Beto was living before we got married and after he left Southwest, he made good friends with the landlady and her family. When her father got very sick and on the verge of death, they called Beto to go to pray with them for their father. God opened doors for him to preach to them about Jesus and His power. Their father passed away and they asked Beto to speak at the funeral. Even though he´s since moved out we don´t live very far from them. REcently they called him again to pray for a woman in their family who has stomach cancer and is getting ¨treated¨as best they can in her home just a few blocks from where we´re living. Beto has gone about 2 or 3 times a week the last few weeks and we´ve been praying for her in our apartment. A few days ago they traveled with her to the capital to do some tests in the hospital which showed she wasn´t improving. Her sister is a Christian and feels alone in her fight in prayer for her sister. We called her last night to tell her we were praying for her and to see how her sister was doing. She says she´s doing better but she herself feels lonely and a bit desperate to see God work a miracle to heal her sister. We told her we´d be praying at 11pm last night if she wanted to pray at the same time in her own home. Wewill be going later today to her house to read verses and pray over her. Please pray for us in this ministry.


Monday, January 21, 2008

First Field Trip

Here are some fotos of our first field trip this year. I went along to help. It was for their social studies class which is taught by another teacher. They were studying neighborhoods so we went up to a high point of the town and they drew a map of it, we visited the city hall and police station.
We took one class thursday and the other on Friday. On Thursday the other teacher was interviewed for our local TV station and on Friday it was my turn! I was so nervous I was afraid that all of a sudden i would forget all my spanish and that the interview would maybe go something like this:

Interviewer: So what places have you visited so far today?
Me: Yes!(with head nodding and goofy smile)

It went well. I never did see it on TV though. I watched for it that night but I think it had been on earlier that day, and seeing as I don't have Tivo for my one free station, i didn't get to tape it.

More wedding fotos back by popular demand

I'm going to put a bit more fotos here for your enjoyment.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just married!

Here we are at our reception. It was beautiful and fun, everything we wanted! Thanks to all who came. We are so blessed by all our family and friends.
We enjoyed a two night honeymoon in Laguna Beach and then headed back to Long Beach to spend time with Mary's family before they left again for Africa. With all the family, 20 of us, in my parent's house, it was quite possibly the best Christmas yet!
We are safely and happily back in La esperanza fixing up the apt. to be more homey and I enjoyed giving a devotional and time of prayer each day to my students last week. We are really excited about the ministry God has for us here this year.
Happy new year to you all1
Blessings in 2008!
Beto and Laura Perez Speaks Monterroso