Sunday, November 30, 2008

our onions

Thanks mom for the seeds! These are what Beto planted and we enjoyed inour omelet this morning! the best.

Thanksgiving, Honduran style

We invited all our gringo friends, and some latinos becuase we like them too, for Thanksgiving at our house Sat. the 29th. We had chicken instead of turkey, but we all closed our eyes and pretended and it tasted just the same. Besides, you know what they say about other meats...."tastes like chicken". The same is true for turkey! Everyone pitched in and we even had stuffing and apple pie! There's Brian doing the honors and then there's me,cutting the pie. Doesn't look like I need to be eating any more pie!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


The picture of Beto with the boy in the red shirt is at the first graduation. The school year here is from February to November. We were asked to attend this graduation by Bob and Kathy who left for the states at the last minute to visit their brand new first grandbaby! They left their gifts for us to take and represent them. The other pictures are for a second graduation where we were asked to be "Padrinos", kind of like sponsors, for a girl at our church, Fernanda, who graduated from Sixth Grade. (Amy, this is Freddy's family). Unfortunately Laura came down with a bad case of conjunctivitis the night before and couldn't go. I had been looking forward to it for so long, but there was no way I could attend. Beto did a great job of representing.

The doggies, again

Fabio loves watching movies with daddy. the boys, chillin...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

5 mo.

well, there i am in all my 5 months of pregnant glory. we still don´t know the sex of the baby. it is moving a lot and that feels so cool, well, like gas, but better!

the business

I don´t remember if I´ve written much about this but our business is going well. we started it out of pure necesity to pay the rent and God really blessed us with many clients. we decided to keep it going becuase we have alot of requests. I sell different muffins and cookies which can not be found in any other bakery, more or less so that is an advantage for us, like chocolate muffins, carrot muffins and chocolate chip cookies, although the way people like them here i would never make that way for me, but i gotta give the people what they want!

One sister Raquel from church loaned us her canopy for the two weeks it was sunny and then last sunday when we got home from church we found it broken on the ground from the wind. Beto is has hired some young boys from church that pass our house on the way home from school. they work occasionally. beto is making a little kiosk like structure to put the business more inside the yard, it´ll be more formal. we are hoping to expand to sell more snack foods, Honduran style, and hopefully hire another helper to be there to sell when i cannot.

Notice our puppy, the poor spoiled thing hardly has any hair so there he is inside next to the space heater and his food dish. What a life!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fabio y su cafe

Just so you know, we do say it ¨Faaaaabio¨like the old famous model. That´s the Romance´-Language way!

He loves his coffee (my coffee) with milk and a tad of sugar. I was sitting on the couch and got up to check on dinner when Beto heard the ¨slurp slurp slurp¨ and went to see what it was. We actually refilled the cup so we could take the picture! We are teaching him such bad habits.

Bob and Kathy

I´ve known I´ve mentioned them but they have blessed us so much and I was going to write so much about them, I will dedicate this to them. They have been here in HOnduras for about 18 years and are really amazing people. To help us in our new pizza-baked goods business, Kathy took me shopping and told me to load up the cart with whatever we needed! It has really helped a lot! We have sugar for the next two months, I´m sure!
Last WEdnesday they invited about 10 couples over to their house with their kids for a social night of fun and eating. We played the ice breaker where everybody has the name of someone famous, real, fiction, dead or alive, ontheir back and they have to ask ÿes¨or ¨no¨questions to figure out who ¨they are¨.
After wards we took äll men¨and äll women¨pictures. We even compared bellies, even though I was the only pregnant woman there!
Please be in prayer for Bob and Kathy if you will. I know they will greatly appreciate it!

Women´s Ministry

Every Wednesday we have prayer and last Wed. was my turn! It was a great turnout and just right. One more person and they would have had to sit on the floor. It was a great time of sharing and praying and afterward of fellowshiping together. I thank God for these great women of faith and please pray with us that the ministry continues to grow and mature.