Sunday, March 24, 2013

Santi's fourth birthday

He got some birthday pinches

I take a "first glimpse" photo every year on his birthday. This year was no disappointment.

Of all the places Santi could've picked, he picked Bai Plu, a Thai/Sushi Bar. Yummy!

I made the cake but the waiter spruced it up with whipped cream, cherries, and chocolate syrup.  They are the best!

Singing Happy Birthday!

With the owner. When she found out he wanted to spend his fourth birthday at her restaurant, she gave him a lot of packages of wooden chopsticks and gave him big kisses and hugs!
My aunt gave us some fish that my uncle caught in the lake near her house.

Snuggle time

Monday, March 11, 2013

Good friends and good times

Our wonderful friends the Yates came to visit for just a few hours, but it was a lot of fun!
McKenna meeting Bela

Bela was enthralled!

At my uncle and aunt's pool

Kevy grew something while we were there.

With her Tia

The lovely hostess with the mostest

Knott's with Brittons and Robles

No one wanted to ride with this scary man

Workin it!

Toby rode this alone twice!

Uncle Charlie getting Bela to sleep

End of a long day

Fun Family times

Waiting for Bela's doctor's appointment last week. All her counts are great!  She is scheduled this Thursday for her *final* bone marrow biopsy. Please pray for us as she has to fast 8 hours before and please pray for there to be "NED": No Evidence of Disease

We've been having a TON of fun with my sister and her family here from Uganda.  Their three kids play all day and play hard with Santi.  They also love to read and watch movies.  So far we've gone swimming at my aunt's pool, to the park many times, to the pet stores, to Knott's and many other things. 

Santi just being Santi

Acacia (my niece) with Bela

oh yea, one day all of us girls, plus Santi, went to Elise's tea house.  Santi loves to play tea party at home with Bela so we thought he'd love to have  a real one. He liked it but what he really wanted to do was play and jump on all the pretty furniture.

left to right: my sister Mary, our friend TerrieLee, my cousin Bailey, my aunts Romaine and Glenda

Playing tea party

My nieces Acacia and Shelby