Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Feliz Navidad de Guatemala

Well, we arrived safely, Beto and I, with our Guatemalan friends who also study at Baxter.
After 2 days, or 12 hours total, in a bus, we finally made it and are staying with Beto´s family. I love it here, so simple and his family is so loving and fun. His mom reminds me of the mom in the movie, ¨My Big Fat Greek Wedding¨because if she asks you if you´re hungry and you say, ¨Not really,¨, she says, ¨Good, come eat!¨
Last night I serioulsy woke up with a stomach ache we´d eaten so much yesterday. I´m just going to have to learn to be honest and slip some food to the dogs.
So we´re here 3 weeks just kicken it and i won´t be doing much blogging, so Merry Christmas and Feliz Año Nuevo to todos! I´ll have a lot of fotos to post in January.
May God fill you with His Spirit and peace this year and may we all be more in love with Him!

Much love to all,

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Feliz Cumpleanos!

All right, here are some fotos from Beto's birthday night out. We went to a really nice steak restaurant where we at like royalty. this queen even had leftover steak for 2 days, and she shared with the king! I could go on and on , but i won't bore you about food. But listen, it really wasnt that expensive, and we got salad! oh how i miss those! being from Cali, I was spoiled with the freshest of the fresh, knowudimsayin???
tambien, garlic bread! mami!
So afterwards, i surprised him by taking him to the marriott, where i heard there was live jazz with wine, cheese, and such on WEd. nights. But when we got there the door man said there was an art expo instead. I told him I called and the man on the phone told me Wed. night jazz, but Beto's an artist so he liked it better anyways. Then we had fun taking pictures in the lobby, drinking coffee, which we both LOVE! mmmmmmm....and by the beautiful Christmas tree. How pagan of was a great night.
by the way, i didnt realize until a week later that we went to the hotel on TUESDAY night, so of course there wasn't the wed. night jazz concert. No wonder the man smiled at me funny. He thought i WAS "funny", but not funny "ha-ha".

Random update

All right, four are from a friend's wedding we went to December 2. The bride, groom, and their wedding party. Here it's more traditional to have girls from the church in the wedding than for the bride's friends. Beto and I with some awesome boys from the youth group that Amber works with mostly everyday. Beto comforting a sad boy, and us outside the church. Amazing view, not so great in the foto. It was a fun time, but of course it started late so as we waited, we got bored and took some pictures to share with the world.
The picture of my students was taken one day during a short break between classes. If you've seen the movie, "Legally Blonde", you'll recognize the "bend and snap." Too hilarious!