Thursday, May 27, 2010

Breakfast and English

This is one of my closest friends now. I've been teaching her English for many months now. After such a difficult labor and delivery in Honduras, i wanted to give back to mother's in need, and that's how we met. I will miss her very much. She has overcome so much with God's help and has had a very difficult life, but praise God she is living her life with the Holy Spirit now. Please pray that she continues in relationship with Jesus and gets to live out her dream of being a teacher one day.
Santi and Auntie Mary dancing this morning to "Baby Praise".

Dancing with Acacia and Kevin too.

Breakfast all together. Santi says, "EEEEE!"(translated "CHEESE!")

Praise GOD for granola, yogurt, and fresh fruit, including raspberries and blackberries! P.S. and toast with cheese (cheese that doesn't taste bad)
P.P.S. And strOOONG coffee!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Family Fun

Just after a bath.
Brushing teeth together.

Lovin Kevy.

Loves reading with the cousins.

Kevin laid on every step until it wasn't warm anymore, then moved on to the next one. The Brittons seem to always be cold since they arrive.

Getting the new pool ready! woo hoo!

His new suit with built in floating device! And the bushes mama(me) whacked with a machete(yes, thank you very much) to make room for the pool. But then we realized that those branches poking out would be too dangerous.

Brotherly love.

"Where's Amy?"


"Look at the camara!"

"Ooh, my own pool!"

"Wow!" Dada filled it with warm water since it was a little chilly outside. Like a Jacuzzi!

helping dada to test the water.

he loves his "uncle" seth.

He loves coffee!

the three little bears watching "Little Bear", and Little Bear watching them!

Hanging out with cousin "bee"

Pepperdine Lecutures

Our good friends Manuel and Nancy came out for Lectures and to see us, of course! These are just 5 of almost 100 pictures that we took. We tried to show them the sights but we didn't have alot of time. Besides Malibu we saw Hollywood, Rodeo Dr., Griffith Park, and a little bit of Long Beach as well, and Seal Beach. We had a ton of fun and were really blessed with some bonding time. Manuel grew up with Beto in Guatemala and Nancy is from TN, so we really had a great time sharing and praying together.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mom!

I have the best mom in the world! Today was her birthday. Happy 30th mom!
I love my mom and here are just a few reasons why:
-she loves Jesus
-she lives a life of love and mercy
-she's funny
-she's hardworking
-she's generous
-she never says a bad word about anyone (unless you cross her, then she just gives you "that look")
-she's cute
-she's grateful
-she's humble
-she takes us to boston, NY, Vermont, Seattle, and Laguna. among other places, like McDonald's and It's a Grind.
Mom, thanks for letting us live with you for this past year and for all you've provided for us! Beto asked me today, "Where would we be wihtout mom?" I don't even want to think about it!
We love you so much. There aren't enough words to express how we feel about you. May God bless you richly with many more happy and healthy years! you are our example and heroine (not the drug, but the female version of a hero.) We are so thankful for you and we look up to you!

Layla's Grad party

well, my little sister Layla graduated from Pepperdine on Saturday!
I can't believe it!
I can't believe I didn't get more pictures.
Santi made some friends.

the sun's in my eyes.

Me with Sydney. I was her nanny when she was just 1 year 4 months! She's all grown up. she was also a flower girl in our wedding.

Ladies Tea

May 1 a lot of ladies gathered at the chruch for tea. The theme was 'Quilts' and how we as God's children are pieces that God stitches together to make something whole: His body, and how sometimes life is painful when god is "cutting off" things in our lives that don't need to be there, just as a quilter will cut off unnecessary fabrics in order to make relevant squares to fit onto the quilt.
First: Kim Marley's table.

Ana and Mariana

Laura Hay and girls

Drue Cole-Burton's very classy table.

Another view.

Cordelia and Susie made a girl's princess table for the little ones. Very cute.

Abbie and Emma

Nina,Shelby, and Mitchie

A very fun table.

Oh Aunt Romaine just can't take any more tea!

Pretty ladies.

Arlene, Rosella, and Victoria

Quilts brought by the sisters special to them.

Kelly, Laura, and Liz

Mom's table. Clearly the roudiest.