Thursday, May 27, 2010

Breakfast and English

This is one of my closest friends now. I've been teaching her English for many months now. After such a difficult labor and delivery in Honduras, i wanted to give back to mother's in need, and that's how we met. I will miss her very much. She has overcome so much with God's help and has had a very difficult life, but praise God she is living her life with the Holy Spirit now. Please pray that she continues in relationship with Jesus and gets to live out her dream of being a teacher one day.
Santi and Auntie Mary dancing this morning to "Baby Praise".

Dancing with Acacia and Kevin too.

Breakfast all together. Santi says, "EEEEE!"(translated "CHEESE!")

Praise GOD for granola, yogurt, and fresh fruit, including raspberries and blackberries! P.S. and toast with cheese (cheese that doesn't taste bad)
P.P.S. And strOOONG coffee!

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