Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Family Fun

Just after a bath.
Brushing teeth together.

Lovin Kevy.

Loves reading with the cousins.

Kevin laid on every step until it wasn't warm anymore, then moved on to the next one. The Brittons seem to always be cold since they arrive.

Getting the new pool ready! woo hoo!

His new suit with built in floating device! And the bushes mama(me) whacked with a machete(yes, thank you very much) to make room for the pool. But then we realized that those branches poking out would be too dangerous.

Brotherly love.

"Where's Amy?"


"Look at the camara!"

"Ooh, my own pool!"

"Wow!" Dada filled it with warm water since it was a little chilly outside. Like a Jacuzzi!

helping dada to test the water.

he loves his "uncle" seth.

He loves coffee!

the three little bears watching "Little Bear", and Little Bear watching them!

Hanging out with cousin "bee"


  1. Laura, little Santi is sooo cute! I can't believe I've never seen him. :( Do you have plans yet to go to back to Honduras? I can't remember if you've said.

    Love and miss you!


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