Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yesterday we drove from boston to stowe vermont. instead of 3 hours it took about 7? but we took our time, relaxed and stopped at some beautiful scenery places and tourist traps. our hotel is really nice and stowe is a beautiful little town. today is the most gorgeous day. the leaves are starting to change colors, which i've never seen in person. it is amazing! we are having a lot of fun and we are happy to be here. of course, santi is the tropper as always.
please pray for honduras and tomorrow friday pray for our nation whenver you think about it. thousands of muslims are scheduled to pray in front of the nation's capitol in D.C.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Monday Sept.14...Leave home at 6am for Boston
Tuesday Sept. 15...get to know Melrose, where AMy lives (takes about an hour walking)
Wednesday Sept. 16...leave for NYC, four hour car trip
Thursday Sept. 17...get to know NYC all day until 1am. Oh yea, Santi? Still smiling!
Friday Sept. 18...leave NYC at 2pm, instead of 4 hours it takes 9!In bed: 12am
Sat. Sept. 19...leave at 6am for flight to Baltimore. In bed:10pm. Santi does NOT sleep well at all. But during the day we got two good naps.
Sun. Sept. 20...Awake at 6am. Two presentations in friend Dani's church went very well! Beto's cousin lives close and comes for a P.M visit.
Mon. Sept.21...up at 5:45am, take train to D.C. and walk all day touring the city. In bed at 11pm. Santi sleeps all night! woo hoo!
Tue. Sept. awake at 7, pancakes and sausage for breakfast.

That's a brief overview. We've had a very busy time so far obviously but a lot of fun. Santi is avery good traveler. We've counted that he's flown six times already and he's six months. Today we fly back up to boston to stay with my sister another week and the flight back to LA will be his seventh flight already. Too bad he won't remember any of this!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We're here! We made it and the flight wasn't bad at all. It went by a lot faster than i excpected, and Santi did really well. He slept a little bit but mostly liked looking aroudn and at the little t.v. on the back of the seat in front of us. Love Jet Blue! It almost took us longer to get from the airport to aMy's house in the rental car than it did to fly from LA! We had directions from Mapquest (need i say more?) and ended up having to call my brother in law who's out of town in St. Louis and he helped us out. We finally made it after driving around in a circle for about an hour when it should've only taken us 10 mintues! These new england streets are beautiful but more confusing.
We had a good night sleep last night. Santi slept really well for being in a new house and new crib. This morning he woke up around 7 so we went to Dunkin donuts and walked aroudn the little town for about an hour.
My sister's "new" house is really beautiful and so huge. I still get a little lost. it has so much character it's so old. each room is decorated and painted differntly and even the bathrooms have wall paper. I don't see a lot of wall paper in California Heights, our Long Beach neighborhood, which is voted best neighborhood in Long Beach, by the way. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Today we are just hanging out at home. Beto and I want to go back into town to a running store we saw that wasn't opened yet when we made our way back home. Tomorrow, New York City! for two nights.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Until I figure out how to upload the video directly to the page, this will have to do.

Please enjoy viewing our NEW ministry video put together by Allan Heida.

Go to and search "Hope in Honduras" or "betoandlaura". Pass it on!


HEY! So this is Allan and I posted the video! It will also be permanently on the side bar, to view in the small window, or click on it to get the full size. I hope you enjoy the video.