Monday, August 30, 2010

little note

Saturday we spent most the day in a clinic with one sister from church. She was having a lot of ab pain and they did some tests and found out it wasn't anything too serious. they gave her some pain meds and she went home in the afternoon. Please pray for her continued healing. It is a blessing to be here and be able to help people in this way when there wasn't anyone else at the time who could take her to the dr. We pray god continues to use us as He will.

Eating the whole fish

Helping dada prepare the fish

trying on mom's new jacket

Friday, August 27, 2010

ANOTHER friendly visit

This past Monday we enjoyed a visit at another missionary friends' house. The husband is Honduran but also speaks fluent English and the wife is from the States. They have two adorable kids that were very nice to Santi and played with him. The men had a great time talking in Spanish for awhile and us ladies had a great time catching up in English. It is always great to have fellowship with other laborers and learn about the exciting things God is doing in their lives and ministry.


Last month while visiting TEgucigalpa we went to the local water park. At Amber's house it was nearly unbearably hot and humid. I searched everywhere thrice for Santi's trunks. Don't ask me why but for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to leave them in Long BEach! so a quick trip to the local Wal-Mart equivelent ended up being a long trip when the speedos(no trunks available) didn't have a price tag on them. PRICE CHECK took like 15 minutes. Anywho, once we finally got to the water park it was overcast and a bit chilly. But Santi and all of us had a great time until it started to pour.I personally love the one of Santi on the slide. I bet he's thinking, "this is IT?!"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

santi eating

His favorite: the chocolate cone

nOOdles are another one of his favorite things.


I heard that there was an uproar of upsetness about the picture of Darwin "throwing" the babies over the cliff. It is just a shallow pool. No need to fret.
Just wanted to add that our visit with Amber, Darwin and rosie was wonderful! it is so great to have friends here in Honduras that understand one another and can share not only their life in ministry but their life in Christ as well. the stuggles and triumphs in the life of a missionary are sometimes unique to their situation and location and God has blessed me with close friends who go through what I go through a lot of times.

Most days for Santi and I are similar...we get up, eat, get dressed adn ready for the day which sometimes include a trip to town to get food. Sometimes there is cleaning and laundry to be done, and of course always meal prep and clean-up. Santi has three baby videos that he hasn't gotten sick of yet and only 8 books but he is happy with those too. yesterday we made a collage for daddy as a surprise and it is now the only wall decor we have.
today we enjoyed a trip into town to buy the five gallon pure water jugs, and beto treated us to ice cream! santi was devouring his when janice called, the highlight of our day.
and being rainy season it has rained a lot today! with lots of thunder.

beto went to play soccer with some men from the alcoholic rehab center and youth from church. yesterday he helped our pastor repair his broken car window. our chickens are well although i feel bad that they are enclosed in the shack. beto doesn't want them to escape the yard or eat poop in the grass. at night we have animals getting into our trash that's left on the ground b/c we didn't have time to burn it all before the rain came.

Beto is really enjoying his work here, being able to do more of what he enjoys: gardening and carpentry.
Seems like santi is learning at least one new word a day. today he told us many times about the "balloon popping" incident yesterday. I found a balloon in some of the office supplies the former missionaries left. After getting a lot of use out of it it popped(died). santi told us all day today"moon pop" and makes the pop sound with his lips like in that sound "lollipop".
he also loves to play with his blocks, go into "his" cubbard(where i keep unbreakable things in the kitchen), and help daddy feed the chickens and do yard work.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A visit from Amber, Darwin, and Rosie!

here is my final(hopefully) attempt at posting from amber's visit this past weekend. it was a really great time! we went to central park and the "public bathes", which has one slide and a swing set, and some pretty waterfalls. it's a place where people can wash clothes without having to pay for the water or swim(in separate areas, although the swimming water leaves much to be desired).
amber is taking care of a girl just about a month younger than santi, so we all had a lot of fun. darwin,her son, came too. it is really great to talk with him and hang out.

backyard orchids


Friday, August 20, 2010

august in la esperanza

santi 'walking' the rooster

where'd he go? i don't know!

"you want some cake?"

happy to help

our beautiful orchids in the backyard
life actually has been very enjoyable here in honduras these past five weeks. Santi can now say "see ya!" and loves to tickle us when we least expect it. too bad we taught him that the armpits are ticklish!
I am happy to be at home with Santi, taking walks, reading books, etc.
Beto has been very involved. He preached last Sunday, on tuesday he led the prayer service at church and Wednesday he taught the youth home bible study. he gives a lot of rides and has constructed a wooden bed for a toddler at church and a ceramic top table for another sister at church who had none. At home he's planted tomatoes and constructed a drainage system for the rain to go into the tank since the city has shut off our water twice now in the last week. he's really fixed up the garden and of course tends to the chickens, which i refuse to touch. he built them a nice little shack. he also goes up to the alcoholic center about three times a week at least to give Bible studies or just help out where needed, moving water buckets, etc.
we can't believe it's already more than half way over, august! we are praying a lot about our future here in Honduras, or if it be elsewhere. We'd appreciate your prayers for God's guidance and clarity. thanks and blessings to all our readers

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

la esperanza

pet shop

helping with laundry

helping dada

Just to check in. Seems like we still havn't gotten started yet. We've been here about a month. Beto has started working in the alcoholic rehab center. He was also given a lot of wood from our pastor and asked to make, as a surprise, a bed for a 2 year old whose mother works for the pastors family as a maid/cook/etc. She is a member of the church. Her son is getting his own bed with guard rails like beto made for santi.

of course we enjoy going to church on sundays and tues. nights for prayer. The women have their special prayer time on Friday afternoons and sometimes Beto goes to the youth group meetings to help out. right now we are just serving wherever and whenever and in whatever capacity we can.

i enjoy staying home with Santi and taking care of the house. It's difficult sometimes when Beto has the car all day, but santi and i like to take walks or play outside.

tonight i've been asked to translate for a bible study that is led by a missionary. his spanish isn't perfect yet so he leads it in english and usually has a translator but that person is not available tonight.

we are in rainy season here but we like the cooler weather.
i'd like to add one last thing. santi likes to grab the(me or beto) face with both hands and kiss us. it's really cute.he's also learned from some kids at church how to raise his eyebrows and lift up his chin as if to say"sup?" with his facial expression.