Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Beauty and the Beans

hey friends! Sorry it´s been about two weeks since my last post. I´ve been here 3 weeks already, hard to believe! I finally have some time and a fast computer with which to update. The past two weeks I´ve been staying mostly at Baxter with the U.S. youth groups. It´s more convenient to stay with them since I work on their schedule. I interviewed at an English speaking school but still am waiting to hear from them. I know God has something for me down here. I have had other opportunities knock so if I don´t get into the school to work, I have other great options, one being in a school but not teaching, which sounds right up my alley.
I have been able to speak a lot of spanish, translating-hard to believe, i know-for individuals, not for a sermon or anything elaborate like that.
this country is so beatiful! everywhere we go it´s so green, there are many mountains, cattle, horses-although i saw one on the road today being eaten by vultures, not a pretty site.
Mostly i have been working in a suburb,if you will, of Tegucigalpa. Many of the groups have built houses in the surrounding area. One group set up a clinic, helped add onto the church building, and built tables and desks for the church classrooms and for the houses that we build for church members. I made great Honduran friends there which I have missed the past 2 days, but I am hoping to visit again soon. They are very welcoming and funny. The past two days we´ve driven about 2 hours to a more remote area to do VBS and a clinic. People come out of nowhere! The houses are hidden in the mountains by trees but we saw over 100 kids and over 115 people at the clinic today. To get there we´re on a paved road halfway, then on a great dirt road, then it steadily gets worse, and we´re on a school bus. Yesterday the bad part was so muddy and slick the driver said no, he wouldn´t drive on it, but my roomate, who´s been here a year, said, yes you can! she´s done it before and when it was worse. But the gringos freaked out, me included, so we left 6 men from the group to walk in and start on a house while the rest returned to Baxter. But just to back up onto the great gravel road took at least 45 minutes.
Everyday´s an adventure, which is fun, but takes some getting used to for an American who likes to know her plans at least a week in advance! But every morning, I have no idea what´s going to happen that day.
My daily diet consists of either beans, eggs, and tortillas, or cornflakes, or pancakes or french toast for breakfast with cafe y o.j. For lunch the group provides p.b. and j., oreos, and chips. I´m missin the health here people! For dinner, more beans, rice, some kind of dead animal, hopefully not killed by vultures, and some kind of veggie sauted in butter..mmmmm...
Needless to say, i am looking forward to geting my own place and routine so i can buy lots of fruits and veggies! this country is definately not adkin friendly! Not that I´m on that diet, I´m just sayin...
It has been encouraging to watch the groups serve and love on people here with such amazing enthusiasm and energy. My housemate has been wonderful and I am so grateful to God for providing her and her house for me to stay so far. I am, however, missing mi independencia, mi carro, y mi familia y mis amigos, claro que si!
Thanks for those who´ve written. Keep the prayers coming and I will try to update again soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Aqui estoy

I'm here, in Honduras, finally! I've had a great half a week here so far, although it seems i've been here longer, but because i'm enjoying it so much! I have a great place to stay with super fun and friendly American girls, my own room, a comfy bed and in a safe 'hood.
This past Wednesday I arrived and Thursday through Saturday I worked with a U.S. youth group building an addition onto a church. It reminds me a lot of building houses in Mexico when I was in the youth group. The sun is fuerte and the work is intense, but the groups I'm working with are great and I am having a lot of fun. Last night we went to dinner at El Patio, a nice, somewhat expensive restaurant with american sized portions and mariachi's. Ole!
Today I went to church with some American and Latino friends and then we went to lunch at Popeye's chicken. That was only my second time eating there. The first was 3 years ago when I was in Honduras with Culver.
I've been talking to a few Americans about securing a job here in Tegucigalpa and I see God opening some doors already. Please continue to be in prayer for me about that, that I would be where He wants and doing something I enjoy.
I love it here. The people are so fun and friendly and this country is so beautiful. The heat and humidity havn't bothered me too much, except when I lugged jugs of water up a steep hill about 3/4 of a mile, but there was a great view fromthe top! I love the crystal clear blue skies with big puffy white clouds and the afternoon thunder storms.
I will be updating next Sunday hopefully con fotos!
Con mucho carino,
Romanos 15:13

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

"The Last Supper" with best friend Laura tambien.  Posted by Picasa

Our pastries are 2 for 1!

Our pastries are 2 for 1! Thanks to all who came out to wish me farewell!
So friends, I'll fly fast tomorrow morning, so in just a few hours I'm off to el aeropuerto(I hope you learn some spanish from this Blog!) I'm very excited, yet nervous. It all still seems so surreal. I'll be enjoying my "Last Supper" at In 'n Out tonight, of course. I'm a local,what can I say? I sure will miss 'da "LBC",or "StrongBEACH",as a good friend says, and LA (except the 405 at rushhour, or any hour for that matter!) I am so blessed with many strong supporters and am prayerfully looking forward to what God has in mind for the future. I will miss everyone so very much, but look forward to "blogging" at you about what God is doing! Thanks for your prayers!
Stay classy! Posted by Picasa


Chillaxin with friends in LA a few days before leaving(Allan,Art and Johnathan not pictured)
Thanks to my faithful friends with whom I enjoyed a fabulous and fun lunch remembering good times from our first trip to Honduras together (and maybe our last). Posted by Picasa