Monday, April 28, 2008

good stuff

Sorry I havn´t written lately. Here are a few highlights. pictures to come later.

To avoid having to do two presentations close together for father´s and mother´s day, we had our own invention in april (father´s day is in march here)...Family Day. All of the classes put on a skit, song, or dance or a little bit of all of those. My friend Ms. Jessy from the high school helped me choreograph a song sung by a chimpmunk sounding character called the train of salvation. It was a lot of fun for the kids and had a good message for everyone.

Last Friday we had an all school field trip to a lake about 2 hours north. we visited an archeological rain forest park and a butterfly garden. My favorite part was eating fried fish on the lake, where we went awhile ago with friends but this time it was real hot and humid, much nicer weather! It was a real long day, from 5.30am until 6.30 pm,but it was a lot of fun.

Yesterday we were invited by our friends who minister up inthe mountains at an orphanage to eat lunch. They have a group in town so we ate with them and got to meet a lot of really great people. We spent the afternoon up in the orphanage just hanging out and having a lot of fun with the girls. It is so exciting to meet new people with a great love for God and see how God is working in all parts of Honduras.

Please continue to pray for us as we make some changes this coming summer, some of which we don´t know what they will be but we know there will be some.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cant' think of one

Sorry, I always spend the most time trying to think of a title and today I am just rebelling and not putting one.
Great things have been happening lately, as usual! Last week about 10 people came forward for prayer and to dedicate or rededicate their lives to Christ, and Beto and I had the priveledge of praying with a couple of them. It was amazing to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and hear a prayer of confession from another sister of the church.

and today Beto preached! Our pastor and a group of people went to one of our sister churches in El Salvador (there's a name you can pronounce) to help them in some building projects. Beto preached on Judas, his life and ministry and how he got to the point of betraying Jesus and the applications we can apply in our lives from his story. It was really great and afterwards one man and woman came forward for prayer. Praise God that He is faithfully always working through His people!

Afterwards, we took miguel and his brother jorge out to lunch with ms. dani. Miguel has brought his older brother twice now to the church. Please pray for us as we desire to minister to the whole family. It's exciting to see progress and improvement in their livesj, spiritually and otherwise.

I tried to get a serious picture of Beto at the restaurant, but it's nearly impossible.

And of course, our blog wouldn't be complete without yet another picture of our ever growing Mateo.

Blessings and have a peaceful week!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

El Samaritano...The Samaritan Rehab Center

Another ministry we are happy to be a small part of is the alchohlic rehab center. There the men learn, or use, their skills to repair bikes, make ropes, plant their own food, and weave intricately designed vests, shoes, and other items to sell. We buy them food monthly and more often than I Beto visits them to encourage, teach, preach, or listen…basically just hang out with them. It is a joy to see them every week in church too. Many lives are being radically changed for Christ everyday and we pray it will always continue that way here in our town called “hope”. Here you can see Beto modeling one of the vests made at the center.

Beto's jobs

Everyday we marvel at how God brought us together, that he brought us to La Esperanza, and that we are both teachers now in a total of 3 schools! And here now, with never before seen footage are fotos of Beto and his classes. In “Instituto Nuevo Mundo”, or New World High School he teaches Bible two days a week in a total of 15 classes with 280 students. He really enjoys the challenge and the opportunities he has each time to share Christ with the teens.
Every weekday evening for two hours he teaches 15 more young adults in Educatodos, or “Educate Everyone”. It is a program designed for adults who want to complete their high school education. He teaches a very basic beginning English class and algebra. Every Friday he or another church leader in town leads them in a devotional. For some, it is the only Christian influence they have at all.
Beto never once thought he would be a teacher, and especially to so many students. He is excited about these jobs God has given him where he has such a great opportunity to speak about Jesus to almost 300 people each week! And he’s building sound relationships with some. It’s a delight to walk with him through town and have his students greet him enthusiastically. It’s obvious that he is well-liked and repected.

bday and mateo

Miss jessy, my english student, surprised me and took us out to a bday dinner.
Look how big mateo is!