Saturday, July 11, 2009

the baby...of course!

Do you see those two teeth? That;s esp. for Aunt Rhonda and Uncle TR.

Daddy and Santi play time. Santiago looooves his Papi!

And our first trip to Costco! Sooo exciting. Santiago loves free samples! woo hoo!

Reading with Aunt Glenda.

and Beto working at the church King's Kamp car wash. He is such a hard worker!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

More miscellaneous pictures

Santi in his new play bouncer, saying goodbye to aunt Mary, Mary and I with Lizard lips, Santi happy in the morning, Ben trying to fit in the car to go to the airport.
Mom, Linds, and Amy on the way to the airport to go back to Tampa.
Beto and Santi (sad) saying goodbye to Amy's family.
Santi cheering on the Angels on Sunday and smiling during Tummy Time!
Santi's first meal(rice cereal) and second time with Dadady. mmmmmm!

We are really enjoying being in the states. Beto has done a ton of work in the garage cleaning it up and making it his "man cave". And has done a lot of work outside pruning trees, flowers and making his vegetable garden. Thanks mom for all your contributions to make it all possible! We have been cleaning house and garage but things are starting to wind down a little bit now.

Please pray for Santi as he has a virus with a sore throat. Also pray for us as we have lots of "business" to take care of. We have to go to Soc. Sec. to get my name changed, to the DMV for my license renewal, and to immigration to get Beto and Santi's extension and Santi's US Passport.

we hope to be here a year and travel to speak in different churches to raise support so we can go back to Honduras as full time missionaries. If you could help us with a speaking engagement at your church, please let us know. we will go to any state!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Many Pictures of Recent events

A picture for Uncle Charley.
Having lunch at Mimi's with Grandma Rona.
Seeing good friend Katy Yates for her bday.
Caleb performing at "Viento y Agua" en Long Beach.
More fotos from Caleb's show with Auntie Laura.
Walking to Ruby's on the Seal Beach pier.
Caleb and Lindsay