Monday, June 28, 2010

See what had happened was...

we sent all our info to the bus company via email. when they asked for my CC number, and passport info, I called the number instead. when the number was wrong, i didn't feel it was safe to send the info via internet. we showed up at the bus station to go to honduras this morning at 5 and they said that since i didn't send my CC info they didn't have us in the system, and they only accepted cash, and they didn't have an ATM there in the station. We went and took out money but by the time we returned the bus was gone. there was another bus at 9am but it wouldn't arrive in TEguc until 11pm, so we returned home and slept and are relaxing today. We went back to the bus station and paid for our tickets to go tomorrow at 5am, then brought Beto's parents to the mall where we are now. We ate and Grandpa Perez took Santi on the merry go round. Now we are enjoying coffee and using the internet. it's good that Beto's family got one more day with Santi, and with me and Beto,i guess.

Please pray for us in Honduras because the Dengue fever transmitted by mosquitos is at an all time high.

santi finishes his antibiotic today and is doing really well.
thanks for all your prayers.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Out to eat with the cousins


Mardo, the brother, but not the father of all the kids.

Jairita. Hard to believe that when I first met her she was only 6!

Crystal and Rodrigo

Trying to eat healthy. He didn't eat that meat.

Alesandro. Very funny.

Jairito and Kenneth. You may recognize them if you've watched my blog for the last six years, when I first met them. They are not boys anymore, they are "muchachos".

Eduardo, 3. I just met him.

Yesterday our sister-in-law came with her five kids to see us. they live about an hour away and her kids are from ages 7 months to 11 years. They are really well behaved and a lot of fun to be around. we took
them out to Mcdonald's with Beto's brother Mardo where we all stuffed ourselves and then played it off in the playground. I also go to watch a little of the World cup game between USA and Ghana, but it was too painful to watch too much of it. Here Beto's teaching them a game.

Tamales and Tools

First You put the mix, then you fold the leaves just like so.

Very excited to be learning a new trade!

We bought some new "tools" for Santi so he can help Beto more on his projects. Here he is showing them off.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I know we write about Santi a lot but we would like to ask you to continue praying for us as I know many of you do daily.
Santi has had diarrea since day two of our arrival in guatemala. But he never cried or seemed to be in any pain and we thought it would pass. Well, two nights ago we could tell by touch(we don´t have a thermometer yet) that he had a fever. We gave him some tylenol and the fever went down. The next morning around 5 he woke up hotter than I have ever felt him. I want to guess that his temp was at least 102F. We called the firedept. who are volunteers and it took them about 10 or 15 minutes to arrive. By that time without giving him any meds his fever had gone down a little. The firemen were basically a free taxi. They did not check him at all. We even stopped on the way to the clinic for some other volunteers to pick up their gear from the minivan that is their transport.

When we arrived at the clinic we were the only ones there and the doctor was very nice. She said Santi´s stomache was very swollen but we told her he is just fat. She said no and she listened to it and could hear a lot of gas.
The woman who works in the lab usually does not come until 7am but that day, for some reason, she came earlier. So she took a speciman from Santi and right away we found out that he has an intestinal infection and many many friends having a party inside of him.

We got all his meds and started him yesterday. last night he woke up with another high fever and we gave him tylenol and it went down. He is doing much better today. He is on parasite meds and an antibiotic, plus occasional gas reliever.

His cousin who lives with Beto´s parents is also sick but with a chest infection which is normal for her. What I do not understand is that they checked her and she does not have any parasites or infection in her stomache and she lives here and does not take near as much caution as we do!!!

I feel like I am constantly washing Santi´s hands and then after I dry them I put the waterless antibacterial stuff.
MaRY I was going to send you the names of the meds but I forgot the prescription.

Anyways, please keep us in your prayers. We are planning on leaving Guate for Tegucigalpa next Tue. the 29th. At this point we will have to take a bus for 12 hours which we are not looking forward to becuase flights are very expensive right now.
We are anxious to get to Teguc and see friends and later move into our place in La Esperanza and get settle and started in ministry.

Monday, June 21, 2010

today, Yesterday and a few days ago

Here is Santi and Grettel playing in the McDonald's where Beto's sister Sonia works. Here we are now using the computer for free. And I have my big Guatemalan coffee. I am happy.

Me and Beto's mom. She really is a nice person!

yesterday celebrating our sister-in-law's birthday. She's there in the blue dress.

You Know Who

the cake. mmmm!!!

A few days ago at the luxurious mall. Santi's first ride on a merry-go-round.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Iglesia de Cristo Pinares del Norte

Here are some pictures I took last Sunday
at church, mostly for our friends manuel
and Nancy. It was a very great time
seeing many friends and Santi seemed
to enjoy it too.

we are doing well. right now we are at a
McCafe in the newest, most luxurious mall.
I've never seen a mall so nice, not even in
the States, and this is like walking into

We are enjoying the fam and watching most
of the World Cup games.
Santi is doing well and really enjoying his cousins, aunts
and uncles

We plan to leave to Honduras in about a week and
stay in the capital a couple of weeks.

today is Father's Day here in Guatemala, so tonight we
are having a special dinner with homemade refried beans,
made by Beto's mom. MMMMM!!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


now i see that all my captions are off. sorry you'll have to figure out what goes with which picture. have fun!

Laguna 2010

Mary and Acacia
Santi's last day at church. he's leaving it clean.

Santi playing with Ed

Beto Laughing while talking to manuel

At the tidepools


three stooges playing soccer


I'm so sorry I can't post all the pics I'd like. Santi's had diarrea all day so Beto's just at the farmacy. please pray for him and beto that they recover. Santi also has a little rash on his neck, probably from the heat. please pray for his healing and that we stay healthy.thanks! We miss all our fam and friends in the states but are enjoying our time with beto's family although it is a huge adjustment for us all. we are looking forward to getting back to Honduras soon.much love!

Aunt G's

With his favorite aunt Laura


Mom and turbo

Chase the Ace

Uncle Bruce with turbo and santi

the graduate and birthday girl



Nice Cake

With his favorite Ed


From the awesome water slide!

three amigos

I love this pic

"gET out of my pool!"