Thursday, April 29, 2010

ExPo Park Science museum and Rose Garden

Being "swung" by Dada in the swivel chair.

Playing in the fountain spray at the Rose Garden.

beautiful! Gorgeous! Wish you were here!

Playin in the museum

Mom's Surprise Birthday party

before the party, and before that white shirt got dirty and he had to be changed.

the most happenin table. but that's debatable.

This table is why it's debatable.

Fred and Diane Stolle

Greg and Janice


Beto,Santi, and me!

Mom crying while watching the great video Allan made. Very nostalgiac.

Auntie Cindi!

Marilyn! :)

David, Linda, and Kay. Obviously have partied themselves out early.

Yes! Thanks allan.

Some kind of Bday dance.

Mom and Kathy

Cal and mom.

Mom on her cake. We hated too but we had to cut up her head.

Most of the fam!

Gerald, Ann, and Kirk. Er, scuze me, UNCLE Kirk.

Mom and Rona

Hangin out after the party.

Santi checkin out the photo seth had framed for mom and is now hanging above the mantle in the living room and it looks really good.

Opening her presents.

All dressed up and ready to go to the Beethoven Symphony.

it's ok beto. She'll be at church tomorrrow!

Aw. Cuddle.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last week I...

-Got a ticket for talking on my cell in the car while driving.

-Praised God for protecting Santi when he fell down the back porch steps and didn't even get a scratch!

-Met a Honduran at the park

-Made a great presentation with Beto at Los Altos Church of Christ here in Long Beach. Very good response, thanks to God.

-Had a wonderful Spanish small group today, a time full of prayers for a couple of brothers and sisters who are dealing with especially trying circumstances lately.

Please be in prayer for our small group to become a bigger group.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter 2010

"After" Scroll down to see "Before"


Mr. Happy

Loves listening to music with Gabe

Sylvia and Laura

Laura with Aunt Cindi

My nephew and best friend

"Aw! what?"

Gma with Marcus.
My stud of a husband

Bruce with mom

Easter egg hunt

Santi with Tatum

Anna,Cesar, and Beto

Joe,Laura, and Laura

The family

My mom with her beautiful corsage

Shelby,Seth,Santi and mom


Twins! and no, we didn't plan to all wear yellow.