Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last week I...

-Got a ticket for talking on my cell in the car while driving.

-Praised God for protecting Santi when he fell down the back porch steps and didn't even get a scratch!

-Met a Honduran at the park

-Made a great presentation with Beto at Los Altos Church of Christ here in Long Beach. Very good response, thanks to God.

-Had a wonderful Spanish small group today, a time full of prayers for a couple of brothers and sisters who are dealing with especially trying circumstances lately.

Please be in prayer for our small group to become a bigger group.


  1. So thankful for God protecting Santi, I know that must have been sooooo scary!! Glad to hear that you had a good response at Los Altos and will keep your small group in prayer for sure!

  2. Ditto what Glenda said! Glenda, as long as you get to our sisters' blogs before I do, you make it very easy for me to say ditto! lol :)

  3. Last week I . . . looked for a new entry on your blog and TODAY I was rewarded!!!

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