Sunday, October 22, 2006


Hello Everybody!
Sorry it's been so long since I've written! It's been a crazy last month or so, busy at school but loving it! I'm loving living here, my church, my job, my apt., the town. yesterday being Saturday was my day to clean house and clothes, and make banana bread, and take out the trash, what else? Well the day started well, i even put some bleach and water in my water bottle to clean it out and set it aside. I thoroughly cleaned my bathroom with way too much bleach, so I found something I could put over my nose and mouth, like my sister does when she cuts onions, except she uses goggles over her eyes and i was wishing i had some of those too!
Later in the afternoon, a friend was visiting and we were talking. I got really thirsty and took a big swig of...bleach water! agh! I thought i was going to die! I drank some milk and used the opportunity to eat a lot of banana bread to absorb the chemicals. Later I did get sick but only really intensely for about 10 minutes. God is good and after that I was all better! Thank goodness!
Today was a great day. Beto preached and gracias a Dios it went really well, thanks to the Holy Spirit too!
this week in the school ends the first period, so we have a lot of grading to do. But this Friday we have an "in-between-periods" break! Maybe Beto and I will take a road trip to Wendy's, it's about an hour away! how exciting!!! I can't wait!
thanks for all your prayers! It would be great to hear from some of you!

New Youth Bible Study

Here's our first group of youth we had at a Bible study last Tuesday. I took the picture and in the middle you can see Beto in a grey jacket and to the left our friend/fellow group leader/neighbor/co-worker. This was the first of a new home group ministry we're starting, especially to try to reach more teens from our school. The first meeting went great with a lot more kids than I expected, and Beto gave the lesson. It was a lot of fun. Please pray that we'll reach more students who currently are not following Christ and for Lindsey and I who in the future will be leading lessons, in spanish!!!

a Friendly visit!

When Amber and I are together, something's always bound to happen. Last weekend she came to La Esperanza with her cousin who came back with her from the States to visit for 2 weeks. She also brought "the boys". It was a short but awesome visit and we had a lot of fun. All Friday night ostly was spent fixing all of us hamburgers and french fries until my stove ran out of gas and we moved everything to Beto's stove. On Saturday we decided to go to our school to give a tour. A taxi driver that we've come to know here in town passed us as we were waiting for one, so he took all 8 of us in his little compact taxi. There were 6 people in the back seat! Once we got out of town the driver stopped and said that on the way up the mountain where there wouldnt be police he was going to put the 4 boys in the trunk. Amber and I freaked out a little at that until we saw what he meant. It was a blast! On the way back in town one of the boys stuck his feet out the window to make more room. Come back Amber!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Here are some pictures from two different places. September 15 I went to Teguc. for a four day weekend. We had two days off of school and that weekend was a youth rally at Baxter with youth from all over Central America. Beto was there with his youth group from Guatemala and afterwards we both came back to La Esperanza together. We took a trip, all of us at the youth rally, to a place called Picacho, a beautiful huge park overlooking the city, and it´s also the place of the famous Jesus statue. Beto had never been. It was a fabulous day for a great view. Beto´s picture looks out over the city.
The previous pictures are from a weekend retreat we took with the leaders of our church here about 8 miles from our house. I only went for Friday night because I got sick, but Beto went on Saturday and said it was awesome. He´s really enjoying working with this new group of people. We had an amazing time of worship outside. Thanks for all of your prayers!


These are from the Patriotic Parade on Independence Day, Sept. 15. The first picture is of some of my students. They dressed up as doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. to show that a good education can lead to a bright future.
In another you can see that the parking lot was full (horses) and the rest are various from the day. In the last picture if you look in the background there are 4 large bags stacked against the wall. It´s all sugar! Hondurans eat tons of sugar, like 2 or 3 huge spoonfulls in each cup of coffee and even sometimes in orange juice and other drinks. OH, and my favorite picture is of the ¨bandstand¨, the truck, where the M.C. stood, while his ¨caddy¨held an umbrella to shade him. Also if you see the picture with the flag of Honduras, there were about 10 of those along the route and each time all the marchers had to stop when they came to it and salute it as they walked by. Hondurans are so far the most patriotic people I know.

God´s blessings

Here´s Beto washing clothes too. It´s been fun having him around. It´s a miracle really that he´s recieved this job here. He´s loving it so far even though it´s pretty difficult being his first year teaching and all. The staff at the school is really amazing. I told them my story of coming to Honduras and why, and about Beto but I didn´t ask them if they had any openings for him. But the direction talked amongst themselves and then told me, well, asked me if Beto would be interested in teaching P.E. And of course I said, Sure! But a couple of weeks later they weren´t sure if he would be able to come becasue the person who was already teaching and had said that they were going to resign decided not to resign. That´s at the other school where he teaches Bible. But they still offered him the job of teaching PE at Southwest 2 days a week and also doing odd jobs like painting wall murals, and teaching Bible at the other school once a week, and also helping out a lot at church. The pastor has been very generous and is buiding a good relationship with Beto. We´re both so happy, so thanks for all of your prayers!