Saturday, October 30, 2010

Exciting adventures in TEgu

Yesterday we visited Tegucigalpa for the first time in the 4 months since we've been back. I wasn't all that excited like I usually am to go because I had to come to pay a fine for overstaying my VISA. My friend had to go to immigration also to pay for an extension, which is a LOT cheaper than paying the fine. We wanted to get an early start so we could get in and out of immigration early and then go to a women's retreat with Amber.
We wok up at 3 when Beto realized he hadn't put diesel, in the car. He went to the station and it was closed. A worker at the bus station said it didn't open until 6, so we went back to sleep(not me) and left at 5:45. We went to pick up Crystal when I realized I forgot some important paperwork. So we went back to the house. We went to get gas and they told us they'd opened at 4:30! oh well, now we know. So we finally started out around 6:30. Instead of 2 hours it took 5 becuase of road work. We were afraid maybe the immigration office would close at 12 because it was Friday and this is Honduras. We were just praying hard that we could get everything done we needed to get donw. Especially that Crystal wouldn't have to pay a fine for being overdue just becuase we were late.
We didn't even know where the immigration office was or how to get there but Beto had the great idea of dropping us off to get a taxi and he took us quickly. We finally made it and there wasn't even a line!
But then the computer system shut down.
And they told me I had to present my old passport that I used to come into Central America and if I couldn't present it within five days I'd have to leave the country...and pay the fine.
So I called my lawyer who has my old passport because she's working on my residency. She came within the hour with all my paperwork and I was able to also pay for a two month extension until December so that I won't have to come back to pay another overdue fine. It turned out to be way more expensive than expected but still cheaper than leaving the country and coming back again to get my passport stamped, and I can rest easy until we go home in December.
AFter being in Immigration for alsmot 3 hours we toook a taxi to meet Beto and Santi. They had hung out in Pollo Campero the whole time and Santi had a great time in the play area. We went to McDonald's to eat and relax. All this time we'd been trying to call Amber and her son Darwin to see about meeting up with her for the retreat and couldn't get a hold of either of them. So we changed plans and went to see if Darwin was at home. He wasn't but we were pretty sure he'd be home soon. So we hung out at the mall, did some shopping. By this time we were all just ready to crash!
I finally got a hold of Amber using Crystal's phone. She said Darwin's phone had been stolen and gave me his new number. We met him at home and all fell asleep at 8!
Today we go back and i'm excited to get back home to the relaxing and cool environment of La Esperanza!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Life has a way of making you do your chores when you've been procrastinating. this morning the toilet overflowed while i was in the shower. the shower is loud because we have a widow maker. i couldn't hear the toilet and even if i could've I wouldn't have known that the water was coming out of it.
we're not supposed to put toilet paper in our toilets here. i admit, i've put a little bit in here and there, but not today! i promise!
Beto and Santi were outside. When i stepped out of the shower the first thought was that the shower is a little clogged but it didn't overflow out onto the floor! Then I realized! o noooooooooooooooooooo!!! ah, my pijamas and slippers on the floor: soaked. The rug in the hall: soaked. The diaper bag in our room: surprisingly not soaked but wet. The rug in Santi's room: partly soaked. So it overflowed into two rooms and the hall, well three rooms if you count the bathroom, which you have to do.
I was standing in about 2 inches of water when i called loudly for beto. well that scared santi so he started to cry. since it's dry season there was already a lot of dust int he house so now with the puddle int he house, we had mud!
So we spent most of the morning getting all our towels sopping wet and mopping a million times half the house. Beto brought in our "vacuum cleaner" which helped a little. Since the water was dirty and stinky, i couldn't just use the mop to do a final mopping with bleach and cleaner. i had to clean out the mop, ring it out, over and over until the MOP was clean, and it's one of the long stringy mops that make me wonder if all my mopping is all in vain.
Finally i felt like i got most of the dirty water out and could do a final fun through with cleaner. AFter that, I did one large load with LOTS of soap on heavy duty cycle with all the towels adn rugs. Then I had to hang out Santi's large bedroom rug and spray it down with the hose. now it's drying in the sun.
By this time it was almost 11 and i was wondering what i would've done with the whole morning anyways!
I started lunch and realized I probably would've just procrastinated against mopping by wasting even more time on the computer.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another meeting

This morning we returned to where "our three" are studying. they really like to go, especially the youngest girl. Beto mentioned, and I agree, that we've never seen her as happy as we do in her class. We went today to meet with the psychologist and she also met with them. She comes every month to chart their progress. It was really helpful for us to speak with her. We've decided we cannot let the boys spend the night or enter our home anymore for many different reasons, but we plan on still being as involved as we can. they love to work outside with Beto and we give them food to eat afterwards and to take home with them sometimes. We also take them to the teen discipleship group on Fridays and they come to church on Sundays. This past sunday the two boys walked alone the three miles or so to come to church. We were very happy about that! Please pray for us as we have many decisions to make in the near future concerning this family and are really seeking God's wisdom, guidance, and clarity.

More chickens...and ducks

Just Santi and dada feeding the birds.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

some randomness from the weekend

Yesterday we had the boys all day. We left the house in hopes of buying bananas, sweaters for them, picking up Santi's jacket from the tailors(new zipper), and a few other errands. Just as we pulled up to the bank the clutch went out, but you know who was right there passing us on the road? The mechanic. He helped us out and we took it to his shop where he fixed it while we waited for $10. While we waited we let the kids play on a tractor that the mechanic has at his shop that he's working on.
Santi has found a new game. We keep all our plastic grocery bags in one very large plastic bag. He likes to take aaaal of them out and play in them like kids play in plastic balls at Chuck E Cheese's. Jorge also helped Beto build a coup for the hens so they have a place to lay eggs. One of our hens was found dead yesterday morning when Beto went out to feed them breakfast so we didn't eat her, we burried her. well, when i say "we" i mean "beto and jorge". We've been watching the other chickens but no sign of any more sickness yet. we're not sure how she died. We also have three ducks now instead of 1. Beto put a bucket in the ground with water and they are happy.
Today for lunch beto made his famous guatemalan tacos and we invited one sister over, along with the boys and Crystal. AFter lunch we had a Bible study. It was a great weekend.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Another movie night

yesterday after the parent/teacher conference Miguel and Jorge came over to help beto and went with him to the alcoholic center while he gave the devo. Last night they spent the night because today they didn't have classes. Today they helped out a lot again and stayed tonight for our new teen discipleship group. They are spending the night again tonight so we are watching another movie. Some parts were very funny apparently. i like how Santi laughs because everybody else laughs. I highly doubt he really understands the jokes.

First small group

Tonight we hosted our first small group discipleship meeting for teens. We had 11 of us altogether and afterwards we ate pizza. Beto led the group and we have workbooks printed by the church. Every week we'll meet in a different home. We are very excited to be a part of this!

My english students

Every weekday for an hour and a half I tutor these five cousins. The three in the front are siblings and the two taller boys are brothers. It is a lot of fun! and thank goodness for my wonderful husband who takes such good care of Santi while I'm gone.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

First Parent/Teacher conference

Today we went to our first meeting with Jorge, Miguel, and Fatima's teachers. They are in a special ed class right now but we found out today that in February they will be able to enter their current grade! Yea!
Next Tuesday a psychologist is supposed to come from Tegucigalpa to meet with the students and we are looking forward to talking to her about our three as well.
Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We are still looking for sponsors. It costs about $200 a year per child, which includes everything: two sets of uniforms including shoes, all books and all supplies for the entire year. Please let us know if you can help out in any way.

Fatima hard at work

Jorge and Santi playing before the meeting begins.

Miguel trying to work despite the camara.

Fatima always smiling

Jorge getting some help from his teacher.

Miguel hard at work

We learned today just what a special project this is. It meets in one room at the local public school but isn't part of the public school system. It is run mostly by volunteers or nearly volunteers, people who get paid nearly nothing but love the kids. Most of the special kids are deaf and are learning sign language along with their parents. This is the only special ed program available in our area and some students come from about an hour away every morning. they are planning on expanding. they already have land set aside to build a school just for special ed children which is such a great need here in this area of Honduras where many special children rarely leave their homes if ever and certainly cannot even think of getting an education. We are very grateful to our sisters from church that lead this program and agreed to take "our three" for two months for free to get them up to speed. We are excited to be a part of this ministry.

More Hens, More eggs

Miguel laughing at how scared I was of these chickens!

Cutting the wings off of them so they can't fly out of their home.

All watching carefully...

We now have three hens that promise to be good egg layers. Our rooster is a happy guy!

Miguel cleaning up the aftermath.

Jorge helping Beto make a nice place for the hens to lay their eggs.
awww...little brother loves his big brother

No more sippy cup! yea!

mmm...daddy's food looks better than mine
The duck eggs cook up bright yellow.
Our first three duck eggs ready to become breakfast!