Sunday, January 31, 2010

santi greeting grammy

We made this for my mom when she was in the hospital.He waves and blows kisses.

USA vs. Honduras

A few funny pics of Santi, "thinking" a lot with his tongue sticking out and looking a little "tired".
the boys went to a soccer game of US vs. Honduras that was played here in Carson at the Home Depot Center.
They had a better time at the mexican food restaurant afterwards, i think, than at the game.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pics of new door and bathroom

View inside and out of new front door we got mom for Christmas.
Also the front bathroom was remodeled. Mom got the vanity stool from Bed,Bath,and Beyond.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

flood 2010

Some fotos from our recent little flood. Beto and i were out doing errands when it really started to pour and when we tried crossing this street to come home, we had to turn AROUND and go another way. This hasn't happened since 83 which i remember as a little girl. I didn't get to school or my mom to work becuase there wasn't a way out. Even in front of our house it was so flooded then I remember a VW bug floating down the street. This time wasn't so bad, but there were two cars stalled in the water on orange so all that traffic came down our street only to find that they couldn't pass at our corner either. It was a good way to meet some more neigbors.
we have had a lot of leeks in our old roof. this one was a "moist ceiling" that we thoguht was full of water only to poke it and find that it was empty. But now we gotta get that ceiling replaced.
Right now it's sunny but i see a lot of clouds blowing by out there. lot's of excitement!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rose Parade 2009 and More Christmas Pics

Christmas in Long Beach 2009

Here's a lot of pics from Christmas. I won't be putting a caption for each one. Just enjoy the scenery.
I will tell you that Seth had more presents than anyone thanks to his parents and my mom had the least, but she did get a new front door!
We had a wonderful Christmas with our Aunt Lois-Ann here, my dad's sister from Illinois. The Robles' came also and we had a nice little pre present opening devo.
Beto was especially pleased with his new 10" table saw.
The table center piece is my aunt Lois' gift to my mom. And there are some pics of the party at Aunt Glenda's towards the end.
The pics in the middle are of the church's Christmas play in which Santi was going to play baby Jesus but that's the night he got really sick and we were in the ER.
Beto did build the prop that says "Holly Berry's Christmas Shop" and the manger.
OH, and me with messed up hair looking worn out. That's my interpretation of someone post Christmas rush.
Santi got a cute new outfit from the Heida's that Ed picked out with a sweater vest. Very stylish.
And the last pic is of him in his outfit mom got him in Uganda.