Friday, January 01, 2010


Hey all! Happy New Year!
We (Beto,Mom,Santi,Aunt LoisAnn, Glenda, charles, Marcus ,Shelby,SEth) all went out to the Rose Parade today. Pics to follow.It was a lot of fun. Mom bought one ticket too less (is that a sentence?) but it worked out for the better. Instead of sitting in the bleachers Santi and I got to go to Charles' neices office where they watched it from the 9th floor. Great view right on Colorado Blvd! It had a nice bathroom, not a portopotty, and Santi could crawl around. About half way thru we went down on street level and stood on the steps of the bleachers there and saw all the floats real close up. The office party had a lot of really good food and drink (Starbucks!). AFter wards we ate at Hamburger Hamlet and then drove around awhile looking for a parking place to see the floats close up but no luck. It was better because we were alll soooooo tired. I'm headed there now.
One last thing: We were so excited to see GUATEMALA represented! Go chapines! We saw a lot of them on the street before hand waving and running with their flags, shouting "Guatemala" along with them. Actually, I did, and they must of thought I was a crazy gringa becuase Beto hid and didn't want to show his brown pride!


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