Monday, January 31, 2011

January 2011

Here we are with ├Âur¨kids at the local fast food place. we took them after church last sunday and they got to play on the play equipment. we have had a very busy two weeks back here in honduras. We´re back in the regular routine of Beto working at the alcohol rehab center and the church gardens and me tutoring in the afternoons. We´ve enjoyed seeing all our friends here.
Last Saturday while we were home someone slashed on of our car tires while it was parked out front. We are not moving houses yet, especially since we´ll be going to the capitol for the week to work on some business stuff. I am very excited to get to go to a missionary women´s retreat there this weekend with my dear old friend Amber. This past weekend we went swimming at some mineral springs about an hour or two out of town. It was a lot of fun but it took me three days to recoup from having been in the sun all day and holding santi in the pool all that time too.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We´re back!

Pastor Aaron and Pastor Raul on either side of two recent graduates of the Alcoholic Rehab center recieving their ¨diplomas¨.
Having a nice Chinese Dinner our first night back with two friends who watched our house, cleaned it, and took care of our chickens and yard while we were gone. They don´t look happy but they are very fun people!

Santi conked out on the hotel bed the night we arrived in Tegucigalpa. We took the red eye and even though he slept the whole trip, thank God, the time change and lack of a bed on the plane made us all tired!

Spent time with some great friends!

We had dinner with our friends the Crons before we left too. We had such a great time catching up with such great friends!

Santi playing with ¨Auntie Rona¨at her house. We had dinner with her and her husband Sherwood also before we left.

Relaxing watching TV before dinner.

We got to visit Uncle Seth at his work and get some Starbucks goodies. We went with Aunt Laura of course!
Overall we had such a fun, relaxing time in theStates but are glad to be back in Honduras as well. We have enjoyed getting reconnected with our church and old friends.
We just got a new dog given to us but he keeps running away. But since he always returns to his old home Beto knows where to go and brings him back. We´re hoping that this morning will be the last time Beto has to do that. We named him Coal. I have pictures but will have to upload them another day.
Blessings to you all!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Joshua Tree and Palm Springs

For some reason Beto told my mom he'd never been to a desert, so we HAD to take him! Of course, we warned him, it wouldn't look like pictures he'd seen of the Sahara! But beautiful nonetheless. We had a really great time. I loooove the desert sky! It was so cool to be in the desert yet so close to mountains with snow. I guess that's why some pay the big bucks to live in SoCal. These are just a few of the close to 500 pics Beto took. The picture of the palm tree oasis is where the earth split from an earthquake, allowing water to run through it and causing palm trees to grow in the middle of nowhere in the desert! We also got to see my dad's sister, JoAnn, who "winters" in Palm Springs. I'd not seen her since 1985! It was a short dinner but really great to see her! And the very first picture up top is of some very awesome musicians we heard at the street fair that we visited for a couple of hours after dinner. The music was so good Santi stood in that same spot mesmerized for a good ten minutes. There were some interesting people there!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Park and Beach

Last week we played at a park new to us with some friends that know it really well. The slides and play equipment is all covered very creatively in Historicaly Boston replicas. Of course we had to feed the ducks and the boys had to climb stuff. It was really fun!