Sunday, March 30, 2008

Counter and garden

The other day when we got back from Guatemala, Beto spent most of one afternoon finishing the countertop that Mr. Ken had started. He grouted it too and it looks so wonderful and I am really enjoying it! It is so nice to have the extra counter space, and pretty too!
Beto is constantly babying his plants and it is paying off nicely. We now have lettuce to share with the whole complex and can make nice fresh salads, CA style! He also planted tomatoes, beans, and handmade a bed for radishes. When Miguel comes over to work, he works mostly outside helping Beto and today Beto gave him some seeds to take home to plant at his house. Beto loves landscaping. yesterday he found Mr.Ken's weedwacker and cut all the grass outside, which is nice because we don't have anyone to do that for us now and a weedwacker sure beats a machete anyday.
Today Miguel came to church and I asked him why his brother didn't. He said he invited him but he didn't want to come. Well, he must have changed his mind becuase as we were getting in the taxi near the park, out of nowhere appeared his brother who had been in the park and saw us, so he came today too! as part of the deal of miguel working with beto was to buy him some shoes, so yesterday he got a new pair of tennies and wore them with pride to church today. He also helps wash all his dishes after he eats with us.
Today as Beto and I were walking to the internet there was a young drunk man laying in the road with his head on the corner where the cars turn really fast. We moved him over onto the sidewalk so he wouldn't get his face run over, but he was like a ragdoll. This is the main spiritual concern in our town and we'd appreciate your prayers for this stronghold Satan has on our communitee and God's wisdom in ministering to the men in town.
p.s. the pics of the counter are what beto did. the other pictures of the men is the father's day celebration. don't be alarmed to see beto in the pictures. they just needed an extra man to make the teams even in the games. we had a father's day celebration in the church because here it's march 19th. it was a lot of fun and we had great food and fun! praise God for the the ministry being done through the church!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter in Guatemala

These are really just a few pics from our Easter Vacation in Guatemala. His family had just moved into a new house the day we arrived. They are in a much safer neighborhood now and can walk 2 blocks to the church. Beto and I had the perfect balance of play and rest...we enjoyed shopping, rose gardens, a movie with leather couches in the theater!, a trip to McDonald's with the neices and nephews, and a trip to Antigua with the 'rents. We had a lot of fun with Beto's childhood best friends and their wives, mostly newleyweds too, and the family held a joint bday party for my neice, nephew, and I who all celebrate in march. On the way back there wasn't anything but first class in the bus. Poor us! Beto totally dug it as well as I. Praise God for a wonderful and safe vacation. Happy Easter. Jesus is risen!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Lago de Yojoa

last weekend we went with bob, kathy, dani, amy, and aaron to Lake Yojoa (yo...ho..uh) and had a blast hiking, zip lining, seeing coffee plants, passion fruit trees, buying pineapples for about .25 cents each, and eating fried fish that we picked out ourselves. I picked out the ¨marble swirl¨one. mmmm mmmm good! Praise God for great friends and little day trips! We had an awesome time! Thanks Bob and Kathy for taking us! Beto and I hadn´t been out of this little town since we got back January 6th and we really needed to get out for awhile! It really helped!