Monday, August 31, 2009


Last thursday we came to our second home...Laguna Beach. Well, we only come once a year but we've been coming for the past 17 years or so, which makes me feel really old. I can't believe it. Time goes by so fast. I remember th fist time we came mary wasn't married, i was in high school, and Shelby and Lindsey were just around 2 yearsold. Ok, so then I guess it hasn't been 17 years. But anyways, the point is that we got to come this weekend when usually we come memorial day weekend, but this year Charles and we weren't here so mom made us an extra trip. It was glenda's family and us and it was a lot of fun. Santi loooooves the pool and the beach. he's truly a calm beach baby!
Mom invited beto and i to see the Pageant of the Masters. Every summer laguna beach hosts the sawdust festival and the art festival. we didn't make it to the sawdust festival but the pageant was amazing. i can't explain everything in detail and even if i could it wouldn't even come close to actually seeing it in person, but it's a presentation of classic paintings but with live people. but the makeup and costums are so amazing the real people stay real still and you think you're looking at an acutal painting. I highly recommend it for anyone for next year. It may not sound like"your thing" but it's very impressive nonetheless.

yesterday we drove up to go to church in long beach where beto and i gave our first presentation to raise funds for our honduran mission. it went pretty well but it was good to "practice" on our church first becuase we saw a lot of areas that need improvement and what to say/not to say. overall we were happy we got to talk about what we'd like to accomplish once we get back to honduras.

aunt romaine came back with us yesterday and we went out to dinner, swam in the pool and just relaxed. now we're headed home where we'll need to rest up from our vacation.


  1. I thought your presentation was really good. I am excited to see what comes from this.

    As far as years at Laguna....Shelby turned 13 end of July this year. We go in May. I never went when I was pregnant and I remember her being in a pack-n-play with Lindsay on the beach so i would say she was almost a year the first time we went, which would have been May of 97. there you have it.

  2. Well, not so fast sistah. I dont know when the consecutive years started, but I have a picture somewhere of us in the hot tub at the Laguna Riviera in the late 70s early 80s when I was in High School. Complete with dark wood planters with ferns and dark wood sauna house. It's a good thing they have spent a lot of their income on upkeep as it looks better these days than back then!!!!

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