Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little by little

Not too much new stuff to report today about Bela. My wonderful aunt Glenda was with her all day yesterday, spent the night, and waited till I got there around 11 this morning.  I was with Bela until about 9pm tonight. I got there in the morning just in time for the doctors and head nurse to come in. She said her spleen is still getting better. Her liver is still too big and low and hasn't changed much, but it should get better with more chemo. Today she is on day 8 of 10 and has just two more meds to go. She slept in my arms for about an hour and then in her bed for a couple more hours, but then she had a few hours of seeming to be very  uncomfortable. She would "sorta kinda" sleep but wake up crying hard every 10 minutes or so.  The nurse was giving her more milk in her feeding tube and tylenol when I left so hopefully she'll have a good night with Beto. She likes to be bundled up with lots of blankets and left alone in her bed to sleep.
Her eyes were swollen today when I arrived too, but by the time I left they looked normal. The dr. says it is because of all of the fluids in her system. So for now we are just waiting for her chemo to finish and to see how she does during her recovery period when they'll take more tests to check all of her levels and wait until she's "healthy enough" to start her second round of chemo. And sorry I keep forgetting the camara and she was smiling SO MUCH today!!! She's hilarious already.

Please pray today for...

1. Bela to stay comfortable and sleep well at night

2. To continue to progress well with treatment

Thanks again for all your prayers!


  1. I want to see pics of her smiling! Can't wait till this is ALL over for her and she is home with you.

  2. Continuing to pray for sweet Bela, Santi, Beto and Laura. May God bring you peace, rest, laughter and healing.

  3. I can tell by your daily entry that you have great faith, and it is being seen by all who tend to Bela. What a blessing to everyone who comes in contact with your family! I hope and pray that Bela had a good day today, and that she will also have a restful night. May God pour His blessings on all the family, as well as the medical staff who are caring for your precious baby.

  4. Precious pictures!! Does Bela still look up all the time? I love the pics with her and Santi the best! And Laura, wow! I thought that thing was a cow in the hospital, not a dog!!

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