Sunday, August 26, 2012

Effects from chemo, not cancer

Just picked Beto up from his night at the hospital. They are having trouble with Bela's central line, getting blood from it, so they had to insert an IV. This also is common in patients like her. They gave her meds to try to get the blood to go through. They also took another blood culture this morning because she's running a fever. They can't give her Tylenol because of her intestinal inflammation. So we are counting solely on your prayers and God's mercy and healing power! She was in a lot of pain last night so they gave her morphine. And today they're taking more x-rays of her chest to see if the central line is getting meds to her heart. The nurse said they'll just cross their fingers that later today when they try to take blood from her central line again, but I know that the prayers of the saints are powerful and effective!!!


  1. Continuing the prayers for Bela, her doctors and your sweet family and beloved friends. Understanding an arduous journey such as this has peaks and valleys, keep your eyes heavenward. Trusting that the Great Healer knows every cell in Bela's little body, trusting that He can and claiming that He will rid her body of illness. Glad to be prayer "whale" for you! Much love, Emilie

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