Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday or Friday?

All day today I kept thinking it was Friday and had to keep reminding myself that it's Thursday. Tomorrow we have an appt. downtown for Santi's citizenship status. Please pray for us.

Today I started like all days: singing three or four "good morning" songs to Santi as I changed his night diaper. Even though I don't "feel" like it I sing and then I start to feel like I sound: happy.

Seth took Beto to work for me so at about 9am Santi and I laid down for our 1.5 morning nap. Then we had lunch with Cindy at Jack in the Box and went to the thrift store. I got 6 skirts for my mom to take to my sister Mary in Africa for only $20. Love it!

Then I went home and made dinner for us and for a family friend who jus had a baby.

I had a great day with Santi. He loves to open his mouth wide and try to "kiss" me on the cheak but he just gets slobber everywhere. But he uses both hands to grab my hair or face. He also jumps up and down like a spring on my lap and is so happy and relaxed. He is eating carrots more this week which helps keep him occupied whenever we're eating.

After dinner Beto and I got some alone time at the grocery store. Not an ideal "date" but alone nonetheless for awhile to just chill. Idon't know why but i like grocery shopping. it relaxes me. unless i don't have a lot of money. then it's not really fun seeing stuff you can't buy.

came home and had a bowl of "Count Chocula"... afirst in probably 20 years. and now to bed. 10pm. done.


  1. Wow, I get bonus when I read your blog this time . . . a preview of the good things to come in Mom's suitcase. Should I be offended that they were bought at the thrift store??? No, in a year I would have seen them here in the Kiwoko market if you hadn't bought them for me already!!!! I see so many goodwill and other thrift store tags on the open market clothes here!!!!! And as far as the grocery store date thing goes, Geoff and I always loved the grocery store dates we had!!!! Of course they're no fun now as we're always whipping through to get done quickly and back on the road before dark!!! Plus most things are sooooo much more expensive here.

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