Monday, October 12, 2009


tODAY Was a great day. Aunt Glenda spent the night last night and this morning we got to hang out. My mom took Beto to work and while she was gone Santi and I went down for our morning nap at around 9. She came back at 10 and we were going to go shopping but i didn't wake up until 10:45 and they had already left. So Santi and I hung out with "uncle" Seth outside on a blanket on the lawn. Santi really likes...loves Seth and they "played" some soccer together. I liked that it was a little chillier today than usual.

While laying on my back on the blanket I looked up into the sky (cuz that's about the only thing you can see while laying on your back outside) and thought I saw an airplane way up in the sky(becuase we live right by the airport) but it was a huge bird. It was way up there and looked huge so it may have been a hawk or vulture. So we kept a closer eye on Santi for a few minutes.

Then Laura Heida called and came over for awhile. She took seth and I shoe shopping and we went to starbucks to get some bags for the Brittons that my mom's going to take to them on Wed.
We had a lot of fun and bought at Payless. Love the BOGO! I got a very cute pair of very soft and furry pink "flip flop" style slippers with little balls dangling on the side, and they "support the cause" for breast cancer.

We came back and santi was still asleep. We'd left him taking his second nap with my mom and aunt G. We all ate leftovers at different times for dinner. Santi got up and Beto said he'd really missed him today, more than usual for some reason, so they hung out while i finished some chores. and then Laura came over again and of course brought some wine. otherwise we don't let her in the house. haha...and we watched one of my favorite comedies...Meet the Fockers. an unfortunate last name but i like it way better than the first. we all laughed our heads off! Joey heida came too so there were 7 of us enjoying it.

after, when my mom came out of the bathroom laura scared her by hiding in her bedroom and jumping out as she walked by. my poor mom reacted so badly laura fel on the floor laughing!

it's great to have a full house!

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