Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not so lazy Sunday

today we walked to church as usual. it's a mile round trip. just right for a sunday. Saw a lot of great friends at church. Well four that i've not seen in awhile. that was fun. Beto and I had a quiet lunch at home and I couldn't get Santi to go to sleep even though I knew he was very tired. He finally took about a 30 min. cat nap but went to bed very easily tonight and i think he'll sleep great through the night.

Laura heida came over (insert crowd screeming sound) and we took a little walk. We talked to our new next door neighbor and his dog Lucy who thinks she's scary but really? She wears a pink collar!

we also ran into my best friend from high school's and her dog whom we like to call "killer" (the dog, not the grandma). She's always a hoot to talk to. I never LOVED my neighborhood before like i do now. I can take walks in peace and everyone is so friendly.

An old friend from like when I was 2 years old came over too and we gave him nearly all of my dad's old records and cd's. He was very happy. Now all we have to do is buy an Ipod and he can set it up with literally thousands of songs. (put on to do list for tomorrow)

we all went out to eat. we were on our way to Ruby's diner when Nick suggested a mexican food place he'd read about. based on the long line of people we knew it would be good, and it was. Enrique's on Bellflower (i think) close to the marina in Long Beach.

We had a lot of fun.
Santi is doing well. he wants to walk and talk so badly! i wouldn't be surprised if he's walking by the time gma gets home in three weeks.

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