Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A blessed Day

Today mom and Seth arrived! They drove from Boston in Seth's car. They made it in five days, stopping first at my cousin Stephanie's house in NY, then at Seth's aunt's house in Iowa, In Denver where they got to dine with Linda and ashley beck, and finally last night in Vegas. Today Santi was up with me around 7. I love the quiet and peace of the cool fall mornings. I never was a morning person till santi was born. I still wish I could sleep in but find once i'm up i can't wait to start the day, and Santi makes it easy being such a happy kid. I made the coffee..fall flavor..mmm...and we played a little. I had breakfast and fed him some carrot pure which he seemed to like. i'm going to start feeding him more than just milk and cereal. but he already seems like he's got too big of a belly!
Beto slept in. He's been working with my uncle. my uncle owns an apt. building and a new tenant is about to move in so myuncle hired him just for the week to clean and paint the apt. I drove him to work and later had lunch again with Cindy and we took some money to her "nephew" at his school for a special event.

I was trying to get the house cleaned for mom's arrival. Santi had gotten up so early (at 5 but we didn't get out of bed till 7) that he took his first nap at 8:30! That certainly gives a different feeling to the day! So I got most the cleaning done when he was napping. I tried to clean while he was playing but he got fussy and i really have to watch him now because he's fast and has already had a few hard falls! poor guy! i ended up finishing my chores while mom was here but i got it all done. we went out to eat at one of my dad's most favorite restaurants. the owner is really nice and always talked to my parents whenever they'd go there, which was about once a week i imagine.

We then rented and watched Mama's Boy an now it's really time for me to go to bed.

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