Monday, October 19, 2009


i love my mother's laptop. i'm glad the house computer is in the shop. this thing is so much faster! i actually get everything done i need to do!

i'm feeling kind of sick so this will be quick and perhaps not too coherent. we'll see.

today beto,santi and i took aunt cindy to her to her dr. appt. and afterwards we went to brunch together. first, from the hospital to Polly's I had to get gas. exiting the station it was impossible to cross oer into the left turn lane. so i decided to go all the way around the block. when i finally did there was no left turn allowed, so we were back at square one, so instead of going to cafe bixby we went to polly's after all, even though it was a little bit further.
then we couldn't turn left on stearns becuase of road work, so we took a short cut which worked out nicely, except on the way back to her house i got a little lost, missed a turn, and ended up going way out of the way and having to go all the way back. but boy were those waffles worth it!

betoand i then did what is becoming for us a 'normal" home depot run. target. and then beto said the sweetest thing to me, "you drop us off and i'll put santi down for a nap so you can finish the errands." honestly it was like music to my ears becuase santi was super tired and cranky and i didnt want to go to the post office with him like that.

so i dropped them off, went to the post office and then to vons for ice cream of course. and i was so excited, they had my favorite flavor, Ben and Jerry's "Everything but the..." . i've not seen it in CA in years. guess my loyalty doesn't only lie with ralph and trader joe anymore. sorry guys.

came home, played with santi a bit but i'm really feeling "under the weather" so i tried to get him to watch "gilmore girls" with me, but he was not into it at all!

later i found a Christian cartoon station. i had no idea! it's like animal planet and instead of commercials they play a short Christian kids song or Bible verse.

we had dinner and santi went to sleep for the night at 6:20! luckyyyyyyyy!
i've been getting business done on the compu ever since! i know now why my mom never sits down. i'm paying bills and doing other errands for her while she's in africa. being an adult even when your kids are grown is so hard!i'm not very good at it.

and with that i take my bag of ricola's to bed with me. nighty night

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