Wednesday, October 28, 2009

funny day

yesterday..tuesday. well the first thing i remember, and perhaps the only thing, is that santi was on my lap and i could tell he was doing his business. he gets this real concentrated look on his face and it turns all red, and i can feel his belly push out and get all hard from, well, you know....
so i put him on my hip and carry him back to change him. when i put him on the bed i notice that the "mess" had leaked out of his diaper onto my shirt, which then got onto my arm. so i'm carefully trying to not get any of it anywhere else and certainly not on the freshly laundered bed spread( becuase it had the same sort of thing happen to it the day before).

so i just take him in the bathroom and strip him, and put him under the water inthe sink. now, i have to dress him careflly without getting poop on him from my shirt and then set him down and get changed myself. i am putting on my new clothes when i see that poop had fallen from my shirt when i so carefully took it off, trying not ot get any in my hair, and onto the floor. aaaahhh...and i had to hurriedly pick it up becuase santi was crawling dangerously close to it.


  1. oh how I remember those days....and to think that your BIL wants another one. UGH

  2. What the heck is a BIL????? i congratulate you Lolita for having such an upbeat attitude about the whole ADVENTURE! You could have just said "I had a really CRAPPY day" but you didn't :)

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