Monday, July 30, 2007

Today I had to get up soooo early...8.30! But at around 9 I got a call from Beverly in Mississippi. She and her husband work with me in La Esperanza and she's visiting her family here too. She's been there since the end of May and I won't see her till the 20th of August, so that was a nice treat to talk to her!
Then my mom and I were off to run a crazy amount of errands! First stop...DENTIST! It wasn't so bad. I actually like it. She's really gentle, and today I think she was really hungry because the visit was really short and to the point (and I could hear her stomach growling!) I will have to remember to go just before lunch time from now on!
Then we visited my aunt romaine and uncle bruce and their adorable new dog ivory. She's jsut a big violent beast! quite the opposite, really. Despues, we went to the post office and next door was a used book store where i bought about 23.5 books for less than $13! I'm going to sell them in my bookstore(God-willing) in Honduras.
By that time we were both hungry and went to eat at Pick Up Sticks by the Lakewood mall, but they officially open tomorrow and it was by invite only today. My mom told them I live in Honduras now and REALLY NEEDED to eat there, but they didn't get the hint, so we went next door to the Corner Bakery. Mmm.Mmm!
Finally we went to Bed Bath and Beyond. Oh my word! That should be a prize on Wheel of Fortune or something....30 min. get all you want. Well, we got some much needed stuff for my apt. in Honduras, like a Pineapple decorer/slicer, but I decided to pass on the talking bottle opener. I already bought like 5 of them in La Esperanza. They're really popular there. We saw Linda Cron there. Hi Linda!

It's great to be here!

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  1. So glad you are in Long Beach, enjoyin' all the wonderful things are BB&B.
    Looking forward to seeing you!