Saturday, July 28, 2007

More pictures of La Esperanza!

Us ladies in the smallest taxi in the world, with all of our luggage (3 big suitcases, 2 backpacks, and 3 other types of bags.)

Beto taking a picture of A.Glenda taking a picture of our room in La esperanza.

Just call me "Mama's Mule". Just Kidding. I love to help!

2 real mules...a popular mode of transport. Mom, Beto, and A. Glenda waiting for our bus to take us to Teguc. to go to the States the next day.

Notice the lady with the basket on her head. Totally normal. I plan on learning that soon.
In the blue truck...cheese, anyone?

and another ox cart parked by a valet.

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  1. glad you're back in the states we're all in santa barbara on vacation. k & I will be back aug 4. D & L will stay here and work until aug 27th. let us know your schedule.....your dark mom.....Gail