Saturday, July 28, 2007

We love Seth and Ben

This morning my mom and I left at 5:30am to take Seth and Ben to LAX. Since we were already up, we went to Bake n Broil for breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal and Bake n Broil is my favorite restaurant. I'm going to have to buy new bigger pants after my one month here in Cali. I had blueberry pancakes, the "short stack" of just 3 huge pancakes. we get a lot of fruit in Honduras, but no blueberries, well, in the capital, yes, but not in my town.

We saw my mom's cousin there and had a nice breakfast together. Now I'm about to go back to bed till 11-ish when we leave for a King's Kamp meeting. I'm so excited to go to Kamp this year. I don't even remember the last year I was there. I'd have to really rack my brain to think when that was and I don't even like to rack my brain on a good day, let alone in a half asleep state.

I'm sad to see Seth and Ben go. It was an absolute RIOT to have them here. I hope my own kids are half as funny as they are some day. And they are considerate, strong Christians, and very helpful, just all around great young men.

Last night we drove out to the Riverside area to my sisters "new" house (my first time there) for my neice's 11th birthday party. It was a lot of fun, a lot of kids watching amovie, but we had Dominoes...mmm...,cake and ice cream, and she gave me a special party bag which wasn't a bag at all, but a leopard print chinese take-out box filled with girlie goodies! I love kids' birthday parties. Why don't adults hand out party bags anymore??? Filled with, like, phone cards, or starbucks gift cards, or movie tickets. hmm...getting some ideas...

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