Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Macaw Mountain and Mayan Ruins

Yesterday we spent most the day relaxing since we traveled all day the day before. Yesterday afternoon we spent a couple hours at the famous Macaw mountain bird park, the only enclosed park of just birds...and a couple watch dogs, one named Ben Affleck. No resemblance.
We had a great English speaking guide included in the cost and the tour lasted around one hour. it´s a beautiful park with a creek that has a natural pool to swim in, and the restaurant sits on the bridge over it. We saw hundreds of different types of absolutely beautiful birds native to this region as well as some that are native anywhere from Canada all the way down to Argentina. We got some great pictures but unfortunately the computer here at the hotel is difficult to size them down in order to send. We each got a turn with a big Macaw on each arm and on our heads! Our guide was really funny and a great photographer! Afterwards we enjoyed a nice cup of coffee in the coffee shop. The coffee is locally grown and amazing, if you like that sort of thing.

Today we were up and at em almost as early as soldiers. Our tour guide, Juan, arrived at 7.30 and we took the local golf cart taxi one Kil. to the Mayan ruins. our tour was all walking and our guide was English speaking and very energetic. It lasted over 2 hours but it was amazing as well. When we arrived we were the only ones in the 25 mile square park and it was so cool and peaceful since it was only about 8am. The dew was still on the grass and it was cooler since it had rained the night before. We had a great time. All the people here, at least our tour guides, have all been very friendly, down to earth, and laid back, just like the culture.

After the tour we had brunch and played in the pool a bit, read our books, then did some shopping and had dinner. Tomorrow we can sleep in, thank goodness!

Thank God we are all healthy and able to enjoy so much of His beautiful creation!!

Tim mom says hello! Hola

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