Saturday, July 14, 2007

een dee eye-lan,mahn!

It's saturday night...and we're exhausted.
yesterday we got up at 4am and our taxi was at the hotel at 4:45. That's right, we had our own personal taxi man the whole time we were in Copan Ruins. He was randomly selected to take us from the bus station to our hotel when we first arrived and he gave us his number, so we called him everyday to take us around. he was really sweet and didn't make mom or a.glenda nervous with crazy driving, so he was a keeper.

We rode the bus 3 hours and then had about a 1 hour, 45minute layover in San Pedro Sula, where A.Glenda and I walked to a mcDonald's to get breakfast. i'm not a huge fan unless I have it once or twice a year, and i think this may have been the second time of 07, so it was yuuuummmyyy!!!

Then we rode another bus for another 3 hours to the port, where we took a taxi about 15 minutes and waited at the port for about 2 hours. Lunch was microwave popcorn. yes, things were going a little downhill, but we weren't to be detered!

We boarded the boat and took a little bit of a choppy ride 2 hours to the island. They had to show the movie, "The Guardian" about scary Coast Guard rescues in dangerous seas. I tried to avert my eyes.

At the port they had the worst set up for people to get their luggage. It was all kept behind a waist high wall and behind it were only about 3 men working to get about 200 or more peopl's luggage. When we checked it we were each given a little ticket stub with a number, so the workers then had to go find our luggage with the matching number card attached to it. We just waited about 20 minutes till most people had cleared out. i was too tired to be pushy or aggressive at that point, something you learn you have to do sometimes in lines here or you'll stand in line aaaaaaalll day! We took about a 20 minute taxi drive to our cabin on the beach and have been relaxing ever since.

it's really hot and humid, but we got rain this morning and a lot this evening which helped to cool it off. This morning we found a really good New york deli, owned by New Yorkers, with good bagels, and the owner told us they had their first location on another part of the island. So we took a taxi late after noon to eat some snacks, but it closed about 2 minutes before we arrived. We paid $25, yes dollars! , round trip for the 40 min. taxi ride. You can pay for anything in dollars here and everything is so expensive. It's been such a shock for me to come from the poorest/cheapest part of the country to the most expensive! It's really hard for me to not feel like we're being taken major advantage of just because we're white, but at least I can "argue" in spanish if i absolutely have to.


  1. I am so glad you all are having a great time. Tell Janice that she looks like one Mean Mayan Mom!!!
    Is she bringing the spear home. I will try to see if I can tie that in a knot. Can't wait to see you all. Keep you in my prayers. Love to all.