Friday, July 20, 2007

Almost done!

Yesterday afternoon we arrived in La Esperanza. We decided to fly back half way this time to save 5hhours, but we didn't expect to havea 3 hour delay in the airport in Roatan. We miraculously made it in time to catch the bus to La Esperanza and were at he hotel here around 4pm. We had a nice dinner there with Beto and got to sleep in today!

Our last few days in Roatan were really nice of course, but I don't miss the heat or the biting insects, flies and mosquitos. It's good to be home! Today we've been relaxing. Did some laundry and mom and aunt glenda helped me pack up my apt. which only took an hour instead of 3 days like we thought. it's going to be painted while I'm in the states. white instead of peachy pink. ehg to peachy pink.

we had so much fun in roatan renting the jeep and snorkeling. Aunt Glenda and I got burned on the backs of our legs and our backs, but it was worth it. If only we'd had an underwater camera! We were going to swim out to the reef but it's a long ways, so we took up a guy on his offer to take us out in his boat for an hour for $35. It was really worth it. He took us to one of the best spots where we jsut jumped out the boat and he stayed close to us the whole time. We saw tons of beautifullly colored fish, coral, and went to the drop off of the coral to the deep blue abyss. next time If i go again I'm definately taking a diving course. It's expensive but well worth it. I was just so anxious to go below the surface and keep seeing stuff. It's addicting!

In our jeep we rode around the island 2 days seeing lots of scenery and stopping whneever we wanted. it ended up being cheaper and "funner"than taking taxi's everywhere, and i hate knowing we're getting really ripped off on the taxi's prices. We went to a butterfly farm, which had cages of them and birds you could walk through. we also went to the iguana park where we walked through 100's of them on the ground. they also had some monkey's and an enclosed part of the sea with huge fish and turtles. all amazing.

we dined at some pretty nice places. well, nice isn't doing it justice. the restaurant sat high atop 70 stairs and the weather was perfect at dinner time. sometimes during the day we'd just be sweatin just sitting there. we definately needed some sweat bands from the 80's!

we did a lot of shopping and reading and napping in the a/c cabin which was a big hit with the ladies. it had a porch with chairs and an outdoor shower to rinse off before going in, and a mini frdge it was my 3rd time staying htere. they were the first hotel in that part of the island 35 years ago so they'know what theyré doing and are really nice, family owned.

when we went snorkeling we droke over the the best beach on the island and afterwards since we rented chairs for the day we stayed and read and ate and just were luxuriously lazy. the most embarassing thing happened to me though. I had bought a bikini only to wear there, i never wear them but i'd forgot my other suit. anyway, the back snap of plastic broke, but luckily i had quick hands and a tshirt over it, but i kept he top on underneath as best as i could becasue the tank top was white and you know how that is when it's wet. after we went snorkeling the captain, Gary, was pulling me into the boat. all of a sudden they all start laughing and saying my name and to look down. my top was dangling down around my neck. i just took it off and put it down. I was so anxiuos to get out of there when we docked i forgot it. Then Gary asked,"did you want me to keep this?"I didn't understand till i looked up and saw my top in his hand. it was all i could do to not grab it out of his hand and run away! Luckily it wasn't any worse!


  1. u guys are having way to much fun settle down and finish your milk and cookies :)

  2. laura,
    When will you be back in Long Beach? Cant'wait to see you, if possible!

  3. sounds like you are all having a wonderful time and we can't wait to see you! Can't wait to hug you!!