Sunday, September 02, 2012

Prayers again and again and again...

Bela was moved out of the ICU yesterday but she had a rough night with a fast heart beat and labored breathing, so she is back on oxygen.  An ICU dr. is coming soon to assess her to see if she needs to be moved back to the ICU where  she gets more one-on-one attention and can be watched more carefully so they don't miss anything.  Her abdomen is bigger than ever so she just went for chest and abdomanol xrays.  Those results will be back soon and she is sleeping peacefully right now.
thanks so much for all of your prayers. We are forever grateful and we would appreciate lots of prayers right now...most importantly for her to just get better! There are so many things that need improvement but in my prayers right now I'm just skipping right ahead to "heal her. make her blood counts go up to healthy levels. make her infection go away and her abdomen to shrink. please just make her better."


  1. Praying hard for this precious baby!

  2. Laura and Beto, I am also praying hard for Bela to be healed. Please know the two of you and Santiago are in my prayers as well.

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