Friday, August 24, 2007

tues. aug. 22

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This afternoon, since school let out early, I went shopping for some necessities, like a hairbrush, which I forgot in Long Beach. Beto accompanied me and after shopping for about 2 hours, we were both tired and hungry, so we went to the only fast food place, Mike’s fried chicken. Fried being the understatement of the year. Singed is more accurate. Anyways, as we were eating there were two young girls just staring at us straight on through the window as we ate. Whether they were trying to make me uncomfortable or not, I did and so we bought them some food and began talking with them. They are sisters (2 of 4 kids) and one is 10, the other 8. Their clothes looked like they needed a real good washing, their hair needing some care, and they shouldn’t have been out alone at night. They said they weren’t waiting for anyone or anything and weren’t on their way anywhere. They live nearby, go to school and help their mom in the market selling tortillas, mostly on the weekends. The older one makes about $10 a month with whatever work she can find. Their dad lives in the States, which is so common here, but doesn’t help them. Like so many children, even those more wealthy, they live with their grandparents, or someone besides their birthparents, because their parents are in the States working and have been for many years. We talked to them a lot about Jesus’ love for them, that He is always with them and that the most important thing they can do in or with their lives is to follow Him and give to him their lives. We hope to see them in the market on Saturdays and we invited them to church with us this Sunday. Please pray that the words spoken to them with grow in their hearts. May you feel God’s love surround you today.


  1. I will be praying for those little children. It was a pleasure staying up late with your mom, and your worth the time. Love ya, Syl