Friday, August 03, 2007

Stinking Rose, Shelby's Yatzee

Just another tough day in SoCal. Today my two aunts, mom, Shelby, and I had to go up to LA to the TACA office, and while we were there we ate at the Stinking Rose. If you don't know, their slogan is "We flavor our garlic with food." Let's just say that I'll be able to ward off vampires easily for the next week, at least. For example, we had garlic bread and garlic french fries as appetizers! mmmmm mmmmmmmm...
Last night Shelby and I were home alone...dangerous, I know. We played yatzee, watched a movie, and made our own Oreo Milkshakes! There's Shelby with her first Yatzee of the evening! Congrats, girlfriend!

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