Friday, August 24, 2007

monday aug. 21

Thanks to Sylvia Heida for accompanying my mother and I at the airport Sunday night. She stood up for about 3 hours straight while we waited in line. It was such a comfort knowing my mother didn’t have to leave the airport alone after I went upstairs.
I had a great trip. I fell asleep before the plane even took off, and didn’t open my eyes until after the movie when “Smallville” was playing. Also, a bag of chips had magically appeared on my tray table, but I quickly went back to sleep. I opened my eyes a couple of house later and moved around some. The lady to my right didn’t waste anytime getting my attention and looked right at me and asked me if she could get out to go to the bathroom. From the sound of desperation in her voice I guessed that she’d been patiently waiting for me to wake up and move my feet out of the aisle for quite a long time.

I stood in line too and not 3 minutes later did they say over the intercom, “Please take your seats, we are getting ready to land.” I felt so bad for her!

I thought Amber was out of town but she surprised me and came to pick me up, so we sat in Dunkin donuts and talked for a couple of hours before she took me to the bus station. One home I had an apartment to unpack. It was going to get painted during the summer, so when my mom and aunt were here we took everything off the walls and shelves and covered it up: on my bed, on my kitchen table, and on and inside the stove/oven. I was so dreading having to clean my apt., unpack, and go shopping for food, but it didn’t take very long at all. With all the sleep I did during traveling I wasn’t too tired, and even got to bed at a decent hour, so today wasn’t nearly as exhausting as I’d expected.

Today was a great day! First day back. It was pouring rain this morning when we got on the bus. It stopped around 8:30 but supposedly we’re going to get a lot of rain this week from the Hurricane that’s in the Yucatan Peninsula right now. It took us about an hour to get started this morning as busses were late, causing the secretary, who had my room key, to be late. But it gave me a good chance to talk to the parents more and get to know some names of my students.

I’m really excited about this year and my students. They seem like they’re going to be a good class. Today all I did was try to get their supplies organized, labeled, and checked off, but since that leaves them nothing to do, I’ll probably be spending after school hours on that.

Please be in prayer for our health. Mr. Ken and Ms. Corita already have Hepatitis A and it is going around, I know some kids have it too. The administration was going to pay for all the teachers to get vaccinated this afternoon but the clinic misinformed. They only have the Hep. B vaccination, which most of the foreigners like myself have already had, and doesn’t help the others much anyways since that’s not the virus that people have.
Thanks always for your prayers. I’m so hopeful this is going to be an even better year

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  1. Sleeping on a plane? That's near miraculous! Would love to see some of that rain in our part of the world. Hope you have a blessed school year!!!