Friday, February 05, 2010

Today....and yesterday

Yesterday (i'll start chronologically), was a pretty good day. Santi and I took a long walk and he fell asleep during most of it. I thought it would start to rain on our walk but it didn't rain at all yesterday.
In the afternoon I could tell that Santi was ready for another nap but he does not like to give up so easily! So i put him in the stroller and about half a block out he was a bobble head once again. So I turned around and went home quick and put him in his crib. Then I headed to the store. aaahhh...a trip to the grocery store now for me is like a mini-vacation. I was taking my time when RING ! (although, my phone doesn't RING, you know, like that. It plays some kind of asian sounding song, but techno-y) mom said Santi woke up as soon as I drove out of the drive-way and wouldn't stop crying. She didn't know what was wrong. She thought he had a stomach ache. He didn't want to be held but when he got down off her lap he just laid down and put his head on the floor. So I come home and as soon as I take him he stops crying and just looks at like, "Ha ha...I got my mommy now." ugh, I so didn't want him to ever go through this stage. But I guess better now than when he's 20,right?

So after calming him down, I take him to the store with me and he was fine the whole time! He loooves the store and waves at all the people.

Today we took Aunt Cindy to one of her appointments and then went out for a little snack and did an errand, and now I'm home. It's raining and we're just waiting for Santi to wake up so mom and I can go to Costco. YEA! So exciting! I'm sure Santi won't know how to control his excitement.

Oh, and by the way. He'll be one year in just a little over a month! I can't believe it! I still think of him as three months.

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