Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Santi reading

Santi discovered books awhile ago but has just recently really gotten into them. He liked to have someone read to him a long time ago but now he chooses his faves and brings them to me or someone else to read to him. we got out my old rocking chair from the garage that someone made for me when i was a baby in San Bernardino! It just needs a few nails tightened but Santi already sits in it as his "reading chair". I know he's going to love having his cousings from Boston and Africa read to him when they come in May!
santi is walking really great now, pretty fast, and loves to play "hide and seek". he hides behind one couch in the front room and sits real quietly. We call him and pretend we can't find him and he scoots back even more behind it and stays quiet until we get real close. When we see him he crawls out real fast and tries to "scare" us.
In just three weeks he'll be a year. any ideas for a party?

Here also are pics of him crawling up the fireplace which habit we've had to break him and obviously having been with Seth who likes to hike up his pants. Lovely.


  1. Those are great pictures Laura! I am so glad I was able to be there when Santi decided to hide behind the couch. So cute!!! This is Glenda but for some reason I can only find Shelby's ID on here.

  2. LOVE all the pics! I love to see kids reading! Also, Seth used to climb up on the fireplace too-every chance he got. He'd scramble down as soon as one of us walked into the room. Hard to believe that was 24 years ago, wow!