Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday (or is it Monday? or Sunday?)

This morning when I woke up i was so convinced it was Monday I told Beto he didn't have to go help out my uncle Bruce becuase it was raining out. then a few minutes later sitting on the couch giving Santi his bottle I thought, "oh, yea! the Sunday paper comes today with all the ads!" I was very confused for the first 30 minutes of my only February 27,2010! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DINO MAISANO AND LAYLA BRISCO! TWO VERY SPECIAL AND LOYAL FRIENDS. MAY YOU LIVE TO SEE MANY MORE HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!

Last night I went to church for a leadership meeting learning about FriendSpeak. It is exactly like Let'Start Talking but for use in the States. Our church is ready with about 15 members who want to be 'workers" who will read with international people seeking to improve their English. This is such an awesome program. I am really excited about it and how we will be able to reach out into the community more using it, making more relationships with people with the aim of bringing them to Christ.
This morning we had another session from 8-12, a training session for church members who want to work with readers.
Afterwards I went to lunch with my mom and aunts. Thanks to my wonderful husband who took great care of Santi at home. We went home and picked up Santi and then went to see my uncle Orval.
I've just recently gotten to know my great uncle Orval Hoover since being in the States since last June. He is such a positive sweet man whom I love visiting with and wish I had more time with him in the past. He's my Grandma Walker's brother. Even being in the hospital now with breathign problems and constantly on oxygen mask, you ask him how he's doing and he says,"Oh, just fantastic!". and today because the news in his room was focused on hawaii, I found out that he took a vacation there 30 years ago with his late wife. Please pray he gets well soon so we can take him downtown on the train again and eat out. he loves that! usually because it means he can have a beer, which i guess they don't let him have in the nursing home (where he lives when he's not sick in the hospital). he's 89 years old.

After that Beto,Santi and I went to visit our 'sister' marta who's been attending the spanish speaking group on Sundays. She's been sick with stomach pains. The other night she and her husband showed up at our house out of the blue. she brought me a bag of beans she promised me awhile ago that i forgot about. i promised to make the Honduran specialty "baleadas" tomorrow for our small group so she donated the beans for that. Anyway, that night she was complaining a lot about her colon pain. we prayed for her and that night she went to the ER. But they found out what she has and it's treatable! she said another girl went in at the same time and came out being diagnosed with cancer, so she felt grateful that her condition isn't is as serious.

we visited with her at her apt. today and prayed with her again.

we went to the store and came home for dinner. Our aunt Glenda is staying with us a couple nights and that's always fun.
right now she and my mom are trying to remember how to play cribbage. it hurts my brain jsut to watch them play.
good night!


  1. I love reading your blog. I may not always comment but I do check it everyday. The pics of the submarine look fun. I never knew that was there. My fav. picture is of Guido!!! Love it and love you guys!

  2. I'm with Glenda. I love being able to keep up with you and the Long Beach Church by reading your posts. God's blessings on all of you.