Sunday, November 22, 2009

Seth's Baptism

How could I not have written about this sooner? My oldest nephew Seth was baptized last Sunday. It was so special but my camera left her memory card at home! And my mom only took a video which is too long to download to blogger.
Seth moved back here from Boston and we are really enjoying having him here. He is very funny and a very good cousin to Santi, nephew, and grandson. I feel very blessed that we can all be together for the holidays this year.
Today was another great day. In Everything Give Thanks Day at or church was today. The service was mostly songs, scripture readings and a very special communion. Afterwards we all shared a good meal together. Then my sister and her family, the Heida's, and Uncle Joe with Pablo came over. Thanks Joe for the hot chocolate. He now knows the house rule: if you go to It's a Grind, Starbucks, etc. and don't bring home a treat for Laura, don't bother coming over at all.
He put up all our Christmas lights already like he has for my mom for the past 3 years. THis year his goal was to be able to see our house from space! He usually does it after Thanksgiving but he's going to be gone this weekend. The front yard looks really great.
Santi had a great time with all his cousins. They help out so much and really love being with him. He couldn't even take a nap until they all left. He doesn't want to miss a thing.
Now we're ready for 8pm. yes

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